Cyanine Phototruncation Enables Spatiotemporal Cell Labeling

Published in: Journal of the American Chemical Society

Authors: Hiroshi Fukushima, Siddharth S. Matikonda, Syed Muhammad Usama, Aki Furusawa, Takuya Kato, Lenka Štacková, Petr Klán, Hisataka Kobayashi, Martin J. Schnermann

In this study, phototruncation-assisted cell tracking (PACT) was developed to enable spatiotemporal tracking of immune cell populations in vivo. It is based on cyanine photoconversion reaction that leads to 2-carbon truncation and blue shift in the emission wavelength when irradiated with NIR light. ML6600 (780 nm) was used to induce photoconversion both in vitro and in vivo to monitor immune cell migration kinetics between tumor and draining lymph node. The new method does not require genetic engineering and uses NIR light that penetrates deeper into the tissue.


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