Modulight free-space lasers – chips, bars, TO-cans, mounted lasers

Modulight free-space lasers - chips, bars, TO-cans, mounted lasers

Modulight inhouse laser production and design combined with industry leading quality control allows us to serve the most demanding laser customers. Modulight has provided semiconductor laser chips and bars and mounted devices for professional module manufacturers 20 years already. Thanks to our inhouse design and production we are able to customize laser chips to meet customer specific requirements.


Modulight vertically integrated approach allows us to provide lasers for most demanding applications within a short turnaround time. Our products are available as chips, bars or stacked modules. 

Product categories

  • High-power chips, bars and stacks for CW or pulsed operation, from visible wavelengths to 2000 nm, available packaging options include TO-cans, C-mounts, CS-mounts and many others 
  • Fabry-Pérot laser chips and TO-cans in 8xx nm and 1310–1650 nm 
  • DFB lasers in 1310 -2000 nm, chips and TO-cans 

Technical information

Wavelengths: 400–2000 nm

Power range: 0.1–300 W

Laser chips for OTDR

These high-performance, single transverse mode Fabry-Perot laser chips are designed to be used as light sources in fiberoptic test and measurement equipment.

Product code ML1408 ML1954 ML1409 ML1411 ML1009 ML1525
Wavelength 1310 nm 1490 nm 1550 nm 1625 nm 1625 nm 1650 nm
Optical Output Power *) 100 mW 200 mW 100 mW 100 mW 150 mW 100 mW

Laser chips for datacom and telecom

These laser chips with Modulight’s high-performance RWG design are designed for data transmission in fiberoptic networks.

Product code ML1000 ML1002 ML1007 ML1001 ML1005 ML1110 ML1006
Wavelength 1310 nm 1310 nm 1550 nm 1310 nm 1490 nm 1490 nm 1550 nm
Optical Output Power *) 7 mW 10 mW 5 mW 7 mW 6 mW 10 mW 3 mW
Modulation Speed 2.5 Gb/s 10 Gb/s 2.5 Gb/s 2.5 Gb/s 3.125 Gb/s 3.125 Gb/s 3.125 Gb/s

High-power laser chips

Broad-area lasers provide multi-mode emission for applications which demand high output power. In the below table, there are examples of our products but the list is not exhaustive. If you are looking for a specific laser, please let our sales team help you.

Product code ML1837 ML1389 ML1516 ML1524 ML1892 ML1465 ML1111 ML1112 ML1941 ML1543 ML1456
Wavelength 632 nm 635 nm 635 nm 635 nm 680 nm 690 nm 800 nm 905 nm 1470 nm 1550 nm 1550 nm
Optical Output Power *) 200 mW 220 mW 350 mW 500 mW 500 mW 350 mW 2 W 8 W 1.5 W 1 W 4.5 W
Operating mode CW CW CW CW CW CW CW pulsed CW CW pulsed

Laser bars

Laser bars are arrays of single laser emitters, which can be mounted and used as such, often with collimating optics in order to make the laser beam rectangular. Bars can be used in free-space applications, such as illumination and pumping, or the laser light can be coupled into multi-mode fiber, allowing many more uses. When even more power is needed, bars can be stacked to form a two-dimensional, even brighter laser array.

In the below table, there are some examples of our products. If you can’t see what you are looking for, just let our sales team know what you wish to have.

Product code ML1819 ML1388 ML1886 ML1893 ML1278 ML1274 ML1277 ML1273 ML1275 ML1824 ML1769
Wavelength 632 nm 633 nm 650 nm 680 nm 795 nm 795 nm 808 nm 808 nm 808 nm 1470 nm 1550 nm
Optical Output Power *) 4 W 4 W 10 W 10 W 40 W 60 W 40 W 60 W 100 W 20 W 20 W


Laser bars can also be processed so that each emitter can be controlled individually, i.e. individually accessible bar, IAB. These types of lasers can be used in printing, for example. As an original semiconductor laser manufacturer, Modulight is able to do customized semiconductor diode solutions. When you need a custom laser product, please let us help you.

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