Modulight laser products overview – solutions for better life

Modulight laser products overview - solutions for better life

Modulight designs, markets & manufactures laser products – semiconductor, laser modules and other laser products. We do our own and ODM/OEM for a number of prestigious companies in North America and Europe. Our capabilities range from PCB & SW design to usability, ergonomics and manufacturability. In 2014 we did laser chips for more than 500,000 lasers and tens of laser systems. All lasers are manufactured at our 40,000 sq ft. production facility in Tampere, FINLAND. We are ISO 9001, ISO14000, ISO 13485 certified and even more importantly have passed numerous customer & third party audits with flying colors.


Our lasers are aimed at customers who want the complete package for their medical treatment, entertainment or industrial solution. Our ML7710 laser platform is the first multi wavelength, multi channel laser that is hardware ready (CB, CE medical and ETL certified) for many medical treatment certifications around the world. ML7710 is also usable in many other applications besides medical due to its quick and easy configurability.
At Modulight we take quality management seriously – our company was first industrial company in Finland to certify ISO9001:2000. No matter if it’s FDA qualification documentation or on-board satellite space mission docs – we’ve got the experience to help you all the way. We can deliver lasers from below 400nm to 2000nm wavelengths i.e. from UV  to blue, red and infra-red wavelengths from low milliWatts to hundreds of Watt power.


Modulight sells lasers as individual dies/chips, mounted bars, laser modules, laser systems or laser products. We also increasingly service our lasers, provide calibration services as well as more comprehensive system integration consultation. We would be happy to hear about your custom or OEM needs for laser products. In fact many of our customers came to us with a request for bare chip or packaged laser and eventually asked us to design the product or substantial piece of it for them. Search for lasers.

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