Medical applications


About 40 percent of people are diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime. Modulight supports medical professionals in oncology field, where various laser therapies bring advantages to cancer treatment.

Glioblastoma ▪ Head & Neck Cancer ▪ Bladder Cancer ▪ Lung Cancer ▪ Uveal Melanoma ▪ PDT – photodynamic therapy ▪ PIT – photoimmunotherapy ▪ Theranostics


Ophthalmic applications require very precise and indication-specific solutions. Modulight can deliver certified full-treatment solutions, ensuring long-term supply of critical products from our own fab.

Wet AMD / CNV ▪ Dry AMD ▪ Diabetic Retinopathy ▪ Glaucoma ▪ Ocular Melanoma

Genetics, drug discovery, diagnostics

Life sciences and medical research utilize precise laser light frequently and in many forms.

 Genetics ▪  NGS – Next-generation sequencing ▪  Fluorescence imaging ▪  Flow cytometry ▪  Drug discovery ▪  In vitro & in vivo research ▪ Optogenetics ▪ Fluorescence microscopy

High value-add applications


5G ▪ Datacenters

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Graphic arts & Display

Entertainment and display ▪ Printing ▪ VR/AR

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Remote sensing ▪ LiDAR ▪ Illumination ▪ Gas sensing ▪ 3D sensing ▪ Environmental sensing ▪ Range finding

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Optical pumping ▪ Metrology ▪ Quantum computing

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Application notes - example cases

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