Laser company for medical applications – Modulight

Laser company for medical applications - Modulight

Photodynamic therapy
We #KillCancer

Modulight participates in the fight against cancer by providing innovative clinical laser solutions for different laser-assisted therapies.

Ophthalmic lasers

Lasers are used in ophthalmology for many indications, such as treating ocular tumors, glaucoma, and intraretinal vascular abnormalities.

In vitro
Genetics, drug discovery, diagnostics

We support diagnostic applications ranging from endoscopic fluorescence imaging to next generation sequencing.

Semiconductor development
Original semiconductor laser design & manufacturing

We believe that the laser diodes should be optimized for your application - not vice versa!

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Personalized medicine and better life

We’re helping people with their novel ideas. We have experience in productization, manufacturing subassemblies in regular production, as well as working to support end-of-life as an equally important phase in the life cycle of a medical product.

Products in spotlight:


ML7710 is the most versatile multichannel & multi-indication laser in the world. The treatment flow has been optimized and it can be further customized to specific needs. ML7710 supports all known photosensitizers. As the only true medical laser platform, it also boasts unmatched security for the investment.


ML8500 is an automatic system for illuminating well plates. ML8500 has up to six built-in lasers. Cloud-based composition of illumination programs can be done remotely which enables effective research work. ML8500 keeps sample plates within a specified temperature and CO2 range.


ML6600 is a cloud-powered laser platform, which can host different laser technologies (diode, fiber, DPSS). Specifications will be tailored to the application. Wavelength in the range from UV to 2+ µm, power from mW up to 100 W, and linewidths down to kHz.

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Browse all Modulight products here. The list can be filtered by wavelength, power, and other parameters.

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Latest news and articles

Modulight Announces Involvement in GlioLighT Project for Glioma Treatment

Modulight is pleased to announce its participation in the GlioLighT project, aimed at developing new treatment options for gliomas. This project has received substantial funding of approximately EUR 2.2 million over three years from the European Innovation Council's Pathfinder program. The GlioLighT project partners include Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Aston University in Birmingham, the University of Barcelona, LMU Munich, and MODUS Research and Innovation Ltd. The budgetary allotment of the project for Modulight is about EUR 400,000 over the duration of the project. Gliomas, known Continue reading →

Modulight Forges Strategic Partnership with Laser 2000 UK for Market Expansion in the UK and Ireland

Modulight is pleased to announce a sales partnership with Laser 2000 UK Ltd, a renowned reseller of laser-based solutions in the UK and Ireland. The partnership marks a significant step in expanding Modulight's presence in the UK and Irish markets, leveraging Laser 2000 UK's established customer base, broad sales team, and technical expertise. Under this collaboration, Laser 2000 UK will integrate Modulight's cutting-edge laser technologies into their diverse range of photonics solutions. This synergy is expected to enrich Laser 2000 UK's system solutions offering, particularly Continue reading →

Co-Packaged PARP inhibitor and photosensitizer for targeted photo-chemotherapy of 3D ovarian cancer spheroids

Published in: Cell & Bioscience Authors: Aaron Sorrin, Anika Dasgupta, Kathryn McNaughton, Carla Arnau Del Valle, Keri Zhou, Cindy Liu, Dana M. Roque & Huang Chiao Huang Within the last decade, poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors (PARPi) have emerged in the clinic as an effective treatment for numerous malignancies. Preclinical data have demonstrated powerful combination effects of PARPi paired with photodynamic therapy (PDT), which involves light-activation of specialized dyes (photosensitizers) to stimulate cancer cell death through reactive oxygen species generation. In this study, a novel combination strategy was Continue reading →

Multiwavelength narrow linewidth laser system for Ba+ quantum computing applications

Published in: QUANTUM WEST SPIE 2024 Authors: Kostiantyn Nechay, Luukas Kuusela, Pekko Sipilä, Kalle Palomäki, Petteri Uusimaa Quantum information processing (QIP) approach based on trapped ions is a promising technology that exploits different ion species as individual qubits and qubit gates, while featuring long coherence times, high fidelity of operations, fast readout, and ion-ion gate entanglement. The practical usefulness of trapped-ion quantum computer depends on its further scaling to a large number of qubits. Meanwhile, trapped-ion quantum computer relies on a set of single-frequency lasers, utilizing Continue reading →

Narrow linewidth 650 nm DBR laser diode for quantum applications

Published in: QUANTUM WEST SPIE 2024 Authors: Riina Ulkuniemi, Luukas Kuusela, Mika Mähönen, Timo Aho, Jussi Hämelahti, Andreas Schramm, Soile Talmila, Pekko Sipilä, Petteri Uusimaa Laser systems are utilized in quantum for various applications. Multiple wavelengths and tailored solutions are required depending on the technology that the laser will be applied to. For instance, lasers can be used for controlling particles and molecules, including excitations of the quantum systems. Key performance requirements for lasers used in these applications include narrow linewidth, frequency stability, and single-frequency Continue reading →

Narrow linewidth VECSELs for Ba+ cooling at 493 nm

Published in: LASE SPIE 2024 Authors: Kostiantyn Nechay, Andreas Schramm, Mika Mähönen, Soile Talmila, Jussi Hämelahti, Pekko Sipilä, Kalle Palomäki, Petteri Uusimaa Quantum information processing based on trapped ion technology is one of the leading platforms, heavily relying on a set of single-frequency lasers in its core operations. Narrow linewidth lasers perform atom photoionization, cooling, state-preparation and read-out. In this work we demonstrate in-house designed and fabricated optically pumped semiconductor laser gain mirror comprised of InGaAs quantum wells and GaAs/AlAs distributed Bragg reflector. We demonstrate Continue reading →

Narrow linewidth 935 nm DBR laser diode for quantum applications

Published in: OPTO SPIE 2024 Authors: Mika Mähönen, Riina Ulkuniemi, Luukas Kuusela, Timo Aho, Andreas Schramm, Soile Talmila, Pekko Sipilä, Petteri Uusimaa Laser systems with ultra-stable and narrow linewidth operation are a crucial part for many quantum computing and quantum sensing technologies, such as trapped ion and neutral ion approaches. The particular interest in this work is the fabrication of a 935 nm Distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) laser which can be used to repump Yb ions permitting Doppler cooling. DBR’s can provide output powers in Continue reading →

Narrow linewidth DBR and MOPA laser systems for quantum applications in the 7xx nm regime

Published in: OPTO SPIE 2024 Authors: Luukas Kuusela, Timo Aho, Riina Ulkuniemi, Mika Mähönen, Jussi Hämelahti, Andreas Schramm, Soile Talmila, Pekko Sipilä, Petteri Uusimaa Lasers are a key enabling technology in the field of quantum computing, quantum sensing and quantum metrology. These applications require technically challenging properties from the lasers in use, such as stable and precisely controlled wavelength, up to watt level output power, and a narrow linewidth. Semiconductor diode lasers offer a very compact size, low power consumption, as well as scalability of Continue reading →

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