Laser company for medical applications – Modulight

Laser company for medical applications - Modulight

Photodynamic therapy
We #KillCancer

Modulight participates in the fight against cancer by providing innovative clinical laser solutions for different laser-assisted therapies.

Ophthalmic lasers

Lasers are used in ophthalmology for many indications, such as treating ocular tumors, glaucoma, and intraretinal vascular abnormalities.

In vitro
Genetics, drug discovery, diagnostics

We support diagnostic applications ranging from endoscopic fluorescence imaging to next generation sequencing.

Semiconductor development
Original semiconductor laser design & manufacturing

We believe that the laser diodes should be optimized for your application - not vice versa!

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Personalized medicine and better life

We’re helping people with their novel ideas. We have experience in productization, manufacturing subassemblies in regular production, as well as working to support end-of-life as an equally important phase in the life cycle of a medical product.

Products in spotlight:


ML7710 is the most versatile multichannel & multi-indication laser in the world. The treatment flow has been optimized and it can be further customized to specific needs. ML7710 supports all known photosensitizers. As the only true medical laser platform, it also boasts unmatched security for the investment.


ML8500 is an automatic system for illuminating well plates. ML8500 has up to six built-in lasers. Cloud-based composition of illumination programs can be done remotely which enables effective research work. ML8500 keeps sample plates within a specified temperature and CO2 range.


ML6600 is a small plug-and-play laser system with up to 3 built-in lasers of different wavelengths. ML6600 is designed for users that don’t have time or interest for all the complexity with drivers, cooling, power supplies, etc. Just unbox it, and take it in to use! When ordering, you may request 1–3 wavelengths from the wavelength range 400–2000 nm.

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Browse all Modulight products here. The list can be filtered by wavelength, power, and other parameters.

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Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – April 2023

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – April 2023 Metastases remain the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. To combat this problem, Ruben V. Huis in ‘t Veld et al. combined immune checkpoint inhibitors with a light-activated virus-drug conjugate in their preclinical study. As published in Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy journal, the combination was effective against metastatic tumors and in most cases even resulted in complete responses to therapy. ​​ Read original publication   Modulight is very happy to be supporting this research. We would like to deliver our Continue reading →

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – February 2023

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – February 2023 The nomination for Laser-Sharp Research goes to Mäki-Mikola et al. at University of Helsinki for their development of a dynamic cell culturing platform for light-activation studies. The developed platform has a flow chamber connected to a peristaltic pump, which creates a flow that resembles the natural fluid flow at the cell surfaces. ML6500 laser was used to release calcein from liposomes to validate the suitability of the platform for light-triggered drug release. Compared to traditional static cell culture Continue reading →

Bausch + Lomb and Modulight Announce FDA Approval of ML6710i Photodynamic Laser for Use with Bausch + Lombs VISUDYNE (Verteporfin for Injection)

Modulight Investor Contacts: Ulla Haapanen (408) 218-7960 Modulight Media Contacts: Zoe Ylöniemi (408) 239-3488 Bausch + Lomb Investor Contacts: Arthur Shannon/Allison Ryan (877) 354-3705 (toll free); (908) 927-0735 Bausch + Lomb Media Contacts: Lainie Keller/Kristy Marks (908) 927-1198; (908) 927-0683 Bausch + Lomb and Modulight Announce FDA Approval of ML6710i Photodynamic Laser for Use with Bausch + Lomb’s VISUDYNE® (Verteporfin for Injection) VAUGHAN, Ontario and TAMPERE, Finland, Feb. 1, 2023 – Bausch + Lomb Corporation (NYSE/TSX: BLCO) (“Bausch + Lomb”), a leading global Continue reading →

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – December 2022

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – December 2022 This month’s research spotlight goes to H. Wakiyama, H. Kobayashi, et al. at National Cancer Institute, USA. Their study, published in Cancer Immunology Research journal, looked into immunological mechanisms behind hyperprogressive disease. Immune checkpoint inhibitors, despite being a major success story in the field of cancer therapy, unfortunately lead to this rapid progression of cancer in some patients, for yet poorly understood reasons. To study this, the research team partially depleted cytotoxic T cells by photoimmunotherapy, using CD8-targeted Continue reading →

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – November 2022

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – November 2022 This month’s Spotlight goes to Susumu Yamashita et al. for promising findings on novel light-based therapy for breast cancer treatment, published in a journal Cancer Medicine. Their teams at Olympus and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology developed trastuzumab-conjugated photo-absorber (Tra-IR700) which targets HER2-positive breast cancer cells. This treatment strategy is particularly relevant, since HER2 biomarker is associated with poor survival of breast cancer patients and often has intrinsic or acquired resistance to standard trastuzumab therapy. Especially for these patients, Tra-IR700 activated with Continue reading →

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – October 2022

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – October 2022 This month’s laser sharp nomination goes to Takuya Osada‘s team at Duke University Medical Center. Their impressive results on novel immunotherapy combination strategy for breast cancer was published in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer. The team combined immune checkpoint blockage with HSP90-targeted light therapy using ML7710 medical laser. This combination resulted in strong activation of antitumor immunity and prolonged survival in syngeneic breast cancer models. Impressively, adding immune checkpoint blockers even resulted in an increased antitumor activity elsewhere, outside the local light-treated area, showing potential Continue reading →

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – September 2022

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – September 2022 Mesothelioma is a form of pleural cancer originating primarily from asbestos exposure. There is currently no curative treatment available for this cancer and its prevalence is on the rise, hence new treatment options are urgently needed. To answer this need, Professors Timothy C. Zhu and Keith Cengel with their teams at University of Pennsylvania have for several years studied intraoperative photodynamic therapy, where photosensitive drug is locally activated with laser light, as a potential new adjunctive treatment for this aggressive disease. Their most recent Continue reading →

Light-induced drug delivery with indocyanine green liposomes

Customer case Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Helsinki is specialized in top-level pharmaceutical research. Multidisciplinary research fields include clinical pharmacy, experimental drugs, nanomedicines, and pharmaceutical drug design. Drug delivery unit led by Professor Arto Urtti focuses on design and testing of advanced drug delivery systems especially for ocular indications. Light is studied as an important tool to control the drug delivery to the target tissues. Modulight products: ML6600 (810 nm) + Modulight in vitro illumination kit (MLAKIT) Professor Arto Urtti   Senior Pharmaceutical Researcher Tatu Continue reading →

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