Company History

Company History


Jun 2022 Modulight manufactures 1,000,000th laser

Mar 2022 One of the five largest pharmaceutical companies in the world places a purchase order for modulight technology for their lung cancer initiative

Feb 2022 Modulight wins first Fortune 500 quantum computing customer

Jan 2022 Modulight wins Kultainen Nuija award for best board work

Sep 2021 Modulight appoints Mr. Jyrki Liljeroos as a Chairperson of the Board of Directors, and Mrs. Pia Kantola and Mr. Timur Kärki as new Members of the Board.

Sep 2021 Modulight listed to Nasdaq Helsinki First North Grtowth Market in record IPO, increasing value 68% in first day

May 2021 Modulight has earned a unique position in the Laser Market according to Yole Développement Market Study.

Jan 2021 First pizzas came out of the oven of Lime Lounge, the new exclusive Modulight restaurant.


Nov 2020 Modulight EML

Oct 2020 New MOCVD reactor purchased from Aixtron as a part of fab expansion project

Sep 2020 $27M investment program and fab expansion started. 1% of the funding comes from EU.


Aug 2020 Modulight PMA submission for novel ophthalmic laser

May 2020 Modulight launches virtual meeting series Modulight LIVE

Feb 2020 Modulight tablet controlled ophthalmic laser nominated for Prism award

Nov 2019 Modulight 6xx nm bar stacks

Nov 2019 CE certification for ML7710 for ophthalmic indications

Oct 2019 Seppo Orsila nominated as Modulight CEO

Jul 2019 First GBM treatments with Modulight’s cloud connected glioblastoma laser

Jan 2019 Modulight 6xx nm IABs


Dec 2018Bausch + Lomb selects Modulight as their exclusive supplier for Visudyne lasers

Aug 2018High-power 915 nm chips 1000h in operation

Apr 2017Jyrki Liljeroos appointed as Senior Advisor to Modulight board

Jan 2017Cloud-connected automated illumination system


Jun 2016 Modulight USA to Palo Alto, California

Feb 2016 FDA audits Modulight

Jan 2016 First cloud based device in operation

Aug 2015 Full year sales target sold in record time

Jun 2015 Modulight signs a 6th immunotherapy pharmaceutical company supply agreement for ML7710

May 2015 Modulight consolidates business and ends 10 year supply of pulsed laser diodes to Laser Components Canada

Jan 2015 ML7710 receives CE certification as first platform medical laser in the world


Dec 2014 Modulight makes record full calendar year profit (FY21014) and returns to strong growth track

Sep 2014 Modulight ML7710 laser platform receives CB certification being the first multi wavelength laser platform in the world to enable fast medical CE and FDA approval of the hardware

Aug 2014 Modulight starts development activity and introduces board clock

Apr 2014 Seppo Orsila rejoins as executive – continues as Chairman

Aug 2013 Modulight launches a turnkey OEM laser system platform to photodynamic therapy (PDT)

Jun 2013 Kalle Palomaki nominated to Modulight Board – brings international & enterprise sales experience

Jan 2013 Modulight launches 1W RGB laser modules with the smallest form factor in the industry


Apr 2012 Modulight receives a contract for manufacturing CE certified medical laser systems for cancer therapy

Nov 2011 Modulight expands LimeLight family with blue laser systems

Oct 2011 Modulight receives ISO 13485:2003 certification for medical laser manufacturing

May 2011 Modulight releases multi-chip red laser modules for industrial, display and medical applications

Jan 2011 Modulight releases LimeLight laser systems

Jan 2011 Modulight adds new features to FiberLight product platform

Nov 2010 Modulight releases OEM laser systems for medical and industrial applications

Sep 2010 Modulight releases high-power single-mode lasers at 1310-1650 nm for OTDR applications

Aug 2010 Modulight celebrates 10 years anniversary with 35% growth in business

May 2010 Modulight releases high-power C-mounted single-emitter lasers

Apr 2010 Modulight appoints new partners in Italy and Singapore


Dec 2009 Enlargement of ChiliLase product family

Oct 2009 Modulight lasers launched to space on ESA’s SMOS satellite mission

Oct 2009 Modulight appoints distribution partner in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland

May 2009 Modulight establishes distribution partner in China and wins new contract for laser display application

May 2009 Modulight releases a series of butterfly lasers

Apr 2009 7 Watt 635 nm conduction cooled diode lasers are launched

Jan 2009 Modulight launches FiberLight, the platform for fiber-coupled high-power lasers from 635 nm to 1550 nm

Nov 2008 Introduction of SparkLight, the turnkey platform for high-power lasers

Nov 2008 Modulight scales up power to 20 W at 1470 nm

Sep 2008 Modulight receives 2008 Frost & Sullivan Award for North American Laser Diode Emerging Company of the Year

Sep 2008 Modulight launches high-power collimated laser modules

Aug 2008 Modulight introduces 1470 nm high-power lasers

Jun 2008 Modulight introduces LumiLase product family

May 2008 Modulight signs contract with ESA for development of high-brightness pump laser technology

Mar 2008 Modulight launches RangerLase product family


Nov 2007 Modulight introduces high-power TO-can red lasers

Oct 2007 Modulight introduces high-power 1550 nm TO-can lasers

Jun 2007 Modulight introduces high-power red lasers diodes

Nov 2006 Modulight receives the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation for its innovative approaches and remarkable efforts to develop high- power laser diodes

May 2006 Modulight develops lasers for the upgrade of European satellite navigation mission Galileo

Jan 2006 Modulight announces contract from Technology Development Centre (Tekes) for the development of high-power laser diodes


Oct 2005 Modulight appoints senior advisory board

Oct 2005 Modulight receives ISO14001:2004 certificate

Mar 2005 Tyco Electronics laser unit engages Modulight for design services of laser diode chips

Feb 2005 Modulight USA opens at Bay Area (San Francisco) to accelerate customer service in North America

Jun 2004 The world’s first intra-satellite optical communications network lasers supplied by Modulight after going through rigorous product testing including radiation tolerability tests

May 2004 Modulight announces multi year supply agreement to Vaisala and expands to meteorology applications

May 2004 Modulight makes public availability for its fiber pigtailed laser products by announcing two generic products that address CATV, instrumentation, RF-over-fiber and other applications requiring high linearity and stability


Nov 2003 Modulight realigns its strategy around success factors: Agility, Profitability, Customer and Reliability

Oct 2003 Modulight announces first distributed feedback (DFB) laser product

Sep 2003 Modulight makes decision to invest to automation

Jul 2003 Modulight receives ISO14001:1996 environmental certification as a result of systematic work to pay attention to environmentally responsible operating culture

Jun 2003 Modulight manufactures 100,000th laser

Jan 2003 Worlds first uncooled 10 Gb/s low-cost laser diode chip announced

May 2002 Modulight starts building representative/distributor network

Mar 2002 Modulight introduces first product – 1310nm 2.5 Gb/s laser diode chip for communication aplications

Feb 2002 Modulight receives ISO9001:2000 certification

Dec 2001 Modulight certifies new manufacturing process

Sep 2001 Modulight moves to a new wholly owned 32,000 sq.ft facility

May 2000 Modulight was founded to capitalize on transmitter laser diode know-how by entrepreneurs, bankers & scientists from Optoelectronics Research Centre of Tampere University of Technology

Products along the history of Modulight, ranging from chips, modules and laser systems