Modulight lasers in oncology

Cancer touches almost all people worldwide – either personally or through someone you know. The treatment options for cancer are much better than a couple of decades ago but cancer still remains a leading cause of death killing 10 million people annually. Modulight participates in the fight against cancer by providing innovative clinical laser solutions for different laser-assisted therapies. 

Since 2010, Modulight has offered complete medical laser systems for oncology professionals, and today these systems are equipped with state-of-the-art features like wireless control, connectivity, and real-time treatment monitoring. Modulight’s lasers for cancer treatments are utilized at the most prestigious hospitals and cancer centers all over the world to treat cancers like glioblastoma, lung cancer, and prostate cancer with novel treatments ranging from photoimmunotherapy to laser induced thermal therapy. In addition to therapeutic laser solutions, Modulight is also active in fluorescence imaging field, providing light engines for cancer diagnostics. In addition to providing light engines, Modulight is also investigating possibilities around interstitial fluorescence monitoring and this functionality is also included in Modulight’s novel theranostic laser system for glioblastoma.

Modulight clinical oncology indications


Modulight has been working with leading neurosurgeons for 5+ years and developed a state-of-the art laser ML7710 with real-time treatment monitoring and connectivity functionalities for glioblastoma. These Modulight lasers are currently used in multicenter Phase 2 clinical trials in Europe for both de novo and recurrent glioblastoma tumors.

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Head & Neck Cancer

Modulight ML7710 medical laser systems have been used to treat H&N cancer with both interstitial photodynamic therapy (iPDT) and EGFR targeted photoimmunotherapy (PIT) with wavelengths 630 and 689 nm, respectively. Photoimmunotherapy is a novel treatment concept which enables selective targeting of tumor cell surface minimizing side effects to healthy tissue.

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Lung Cancer

ML7710 is used to treat NSCLC and intrabronchial lesions with wavelengths 630 nm, 652 nm, 665 nm, and 689 nm. Therapy is used both intraoperatively to treat the microscopic cells after tumor resection, as well as for unresectable tumors combined with chemotherapy. Laser is delivered using a bronchoscope. Long-term survival has been achieved in some patients.

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Uveal Melanoma

Ocular or uveal melanoma is the most common intraocular cancer in adults and it is a disease where malignant cells are found from uvea. Treatment options for this indication are very limited and novel clinical studies are investigating the application of Virus-Like Drug Conjugate (VDC) technology to uveal melanoma which utilizes red lasers at 689 nm.

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Prostate Cancer

Memorial Sloan Kettering Comprehensive Cancer Center and Weizmann Institute have developed and recently approved a vascular-targeted phototherapy (VTP) for early-stage low risk prostate cancer, therapy that was out-licensed to a pharmaceutical company. Both institutes have utilized Modulight ML7710 (753 nm) for their research work for 5+ years.

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Department of Radiation Oncology at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania (UPENN) focuses on immunological cancer therapies, toxicity mechanisms of ionizing radiation for cancers that are difficult to treat with traditional methods. ML7710 is being used in Phase 2 clinical trial for intraoperative Photofrin®-mediated PDT for mesothelioma.

Flexible laser system platform for clinical use

Laser systems designed for medical professionals

Flexible single- and multi-wavelength systems for use at clinics or operating rooms. Modulight ML7710 systems support wavelength range of UV … 2000+ nm and are compatible with different light delivery optics. Systems are operated from an intuitive touch screen GUI and have often been praised for their easiness of use.

Laser system for ocular oncology

Wireless control and connectivity

Single-wavelength ophthalmic laser system for ocular oncology. Laser is wirelessly controlled from an iPad and cloud connected to enable remote support. Laser is compatible with ophthalmic microscopes, Haag-Streit™ slit lamps and Modulight beam shaping unit ML-SLA.

Automated system for controlled drug discovery

Quality control enabled by automation and connectivity

Quality control and repeatability are crucial factors in preclinical research. Modulight has developed tools for in vitro and in vivo illumination that support smooth and efficient transfer of novel techniques to clinics.

Examples of Modulight laser configurations available for cancer treatments:

 application wavelengths (nm) power (W)
  Photoimmunotherapy 652 | 689 1–15
  Photodynamic therapy 525 | 630 | 635 | 652 | 665 | 689 | 753 1–15
  Surgical 810 | 940 | 980 | 1320 | 1470 | 1940 10–50
  Hyperthermia of tumors 810 | 980| 1064 15-50

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