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Modulight is a rapidly growing biomedical laser company headquartered in Tampere, FINLAND. We have 7+ years of consecutive growth and the pace is accelerating. Due to our world-class customers displaying trust in our laser family, we recruit quite often, but only after very thorough process for skill, talent and most importantly, team fit. During the past years, 20+ engineers have joined our tight-knit laser family. If you share our values and possess unique skills, we encourage you to read on.

We are looking for people who have aspiration to learn new things, be outspoken, self-imposed and share our values. You also need to appreciate to work with customers across time zones. In many roles, some intercontinental travel is required. Our #laserfamily members also appreciate the compensation, ability to see the real big picture, make a positive impact on the society, create own products vs. other companies’ projects, flexibility, and opportunities for personal & career development.

Most people prefer to stay a long time in our company, and we have very low voluntary attrition rates in tech companies. We believe in diversity and cross-functional teams. We value multi-disciplinary experience and hands-on attitude. Our laser family consists of about 40% females. We have plenty of PhDs, but we also value practical self-made people. We also value good grades from school and university. If you’re interested in working at Modulight, we encourage you to talk to your network and our employees to find out how it feels to be part of our laser family.

While every position is tailored as a combination of company needs and the aspirations of the individual, we want to list here some talent that we’re currently looking for. This year we’re hiring about 25 people into different fields inside the company.

We are looking for team fit, talent, and interest in our business and applications. We’re in a mission to change the world by #KillCancer, #QuantumComputing and other applications. The common denominator to our customers is that they’ve come to us for something that they didn’t get elsewhere.

We are looking for more expertise in these positions:

  • HW Design Engineer
  • Product Engineer
  • Optical Engineer
  • Semiconductor Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Data Scientist – Analytics
  • Junior Data Scientist – Analytics

We are looking for more expertise in these positions:

  • Semiconductor Process Engineer
  • Process Technician

We are constantly looking for bright engineering students in various categories:

  • Product Engineering
  • Laser Processing
  • Software Engineering

Modulight is an equal opportunity employer. All applications are reviewed under our current openings and we also retain your application for some time to match it for other possible opportunities. If you do not wish for your application to be stored, please advise us in your email. If you are interested in joining our dynamic and innovative laser family, please introduce yourself to us.

One of the new upgrades to our workplace is the Lime Lounge, which is our private in-house restaurant ran by our MasterChefs. We dare say that we’re enjoying the best lunch in Finland.

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