Laser device for ophthalmology – ML6710i

Laser device for ophthalmology - ML6710i

The most advanced laser in ophthalmology, ML6710i

ML6710i is a medical laser device for ophthalmology.  ML6710i is designed for treatments in various ophthalmic indications. The laser is controlled intuitively from iPad app – the wireless connection allows flexibility for the treatment setup.  A must-have tool for anyone in the field of ophthalmology. The laser beam is formed into a circular, adjustable and highly uniform spot by Modulight’s laser beam shaper.

Designed for ophthalmologists

Every part and feature within ML6710i is designed to fulfill one goal: Enabling safe and efficient ophthalmic treatments for patients and doctors. Read here why Bausch + Lomb chose Modulight as their exclusive laser provider.

The laser itself is packaged in an elegant and durable metallic case. The laser device is accompanied by an iPad mini, which is used for setting up the treatment and controlling the laser. The user interface has been optimized for easyness of use, while keeping up with the  strict requirements of a medical laser.

ML6710i is connected to Modulight cloud, which enables safe storing of treatment logs, while not exposing patient data.

The laser light is formed into a uniform circular spot by Modulight laser beam shaper. The beam shaper can be attached into all common slit lamps.

ML6710i has the standard wavelength of 689 nm but according to customer wishes it can be built to include a different wavelength. When ordering, you may request a wavelength from the range 400–2000 nm – just ask Modulight sales team. The laser light output comes conveniently from a  receptacle fiber with a standard SMA-905 connector.

Key features

  • The default built-in laser is 689 nm, 400 mW output power
  • Aiming beam (laser class 2) 635 nm
  • Possible to select any other Modulight laser in the wavelength  range of 400–2000 nm and power up to 3 W
  • Laser beam shaper easily attached to all common slit lamps
  • Treatment spot diameter adjustable to up to 14 mm diameter with 600 mW/cm2
  • Laser on/pause controlled by a foot switch
  • Key switch and interlock for laser safety


ML6710i is a modern ophthalmic laser which is very easy an intuitive to operate.

Thanks to the Modulight Cloud, all the operating parameters and laser on/off/pause events are safely stored into treatment log.

Setting the treatment parameters is very easy, thanks to the iPad app.

Laser on/pause can be controlled by a foot switch.

Applications in ophthalmology

  ophthalmic photodynamic therapy      age-related macular degeneration     uveal melanoma   •   ocular melanoma      pathological myopia     central serous retinopathy     polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy    

Technical specifications

Wavelength Laser output power Aiming beam Treatment spot size Irradiance
689 nm 400 mW 635 nm up to 14 mm 600 mW/cm2
class 3B class 2

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