Fully vertically integrated laser fab

Fully vertically integrated
laser fab

We encompass a comprehensive spectrum of functions related to laser design and manufacturing. Our comprehensive in-house expertise spans across all laser technologies, including fiber lasers, VCSELs, VECSELs, DBRs, and solid-state lasers. All this is built in ready-to-use laser modules and systems, equipped with intuitive user interfaces.

Modulight's State-of-the-Art Fab in Tampere, Finland

Modulight’s 62,000 sq ft headquarters are located in Tampere, Finland. Fully vertically integrated fab is equipped with offices, laboratories, and world-class cleanrooms. 10,000 sq ft is dedicated to ISO 5 standard cleanrooms, ensuring the most pristine environment for innovation. All of the premises and factory are fully owned by Modulight. Between 2019 and 2022, we invested a $50M into the capabilities and equipment, adding significant upgrades across our semiconductor fab, system assembly, and parts manufacturing units.

For over 20 years, our vertically integrated operations have been our strength. We’ve optimized every step, from the initial Proof of Concept stages to finished product, ensuring our customers save both time and cost without compromising quality. We design the lasers from atomic level upwards, and all the way to designing and packaging into mechanic enclosures, user interfaces, equip with easy-to-use software, to having cloud-connectivity. Modulight’s operations are ISO13485 / ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO27001 certified, ensuring that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Laser design & manufacturing capabilities at Modulight

Vertical integration assumes a critical role in ensuring fast and reliable supply chain . Modulight is a company with its own epitaxy and chip processing capabilities. We can swiftly transform ideas into intricately detailed mechanics, custom optics, and laser packaging with exceptional pace. This translates into faster time to market for our customers.


We are not only working with diode/semiconductor lasers, but we complement our offering with in-house made fiber and solid-state lasers. A great example of this is the ML6600 platform, which can be tailored to have laser technologies based on edge-emitting multimode or single-mode diodes, DBR lasers, single-frequency (DFB) lasers, VCSELs, VECSELs, fiber lasers, or solid-state lasers – and combinations of any of these.


With in-house epitaxy (MOCVD/MBE) reactors, automated process steps with high throughput capabilities, SEM imaging, device testing, mounting and packaging, assembly of the system products, own software development, and Biomedical laboratories we can truly tailor the solution for you. We can truly guarantee the supply and change control of the critical components, also in very demanding and closely regulated applications such as medical devices.

Crafted for Excellence: Speed and Quality Combined

Our expertise in transforming innovative ideas into intricately detailed mechanics, optics, and laser packaging is unparalleled. Our vertical integration fortifies supply chain security, enabling our clients to expedite their product development.

Precision in Every Layer

Modulight’s cleanrooms are dedicated to the meticulous process of constructing laser structures from atomic layers. Maintaining a controlled environment ensures the quality and reliability of our products. From electron beam lithography for nanometer-scale patterns to high-precision assembly, our processes guarantee precise laser characteristics tailored to varied requirements.

Regulatory Excellence

Modulight’s ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and ISO 27001 certified management system ensures that our products, especially medical devices like cancer therapy lasers, align with the most stringent regulatory standards. Our adaptability allows us to meet diverse customer needs, ensuring precise solutions for every demand.

Dedication to Quality

Modulight stands synonymous with quality. Our processes are backed by a robust database, the MLDB, ensuring full traceability. High-throughput equipment not only enable high-volume manufacturing, but also boost the reproducibility and product quality.

Customer cases

Case #1: Epitaxial and device-level development, productization and ramp-up

A new customer reached out to Modulight to start a project where Modulight would develop a novel semiconductor laser chip, for building pump modules. Modulight managed the development project, which consisted of epitaxial and chip design, testing plan and test bench setup, several paralled design iterations, and marketing study to support productization. The customer received a “turn-key solution” laser chip product and ready-made product manufacturing plan with ramping-up of capacity plans. All this was done in or ahead of schedule and the customer could reach the market they targeted with this product.

Case #2: Tailored laser diode, customized package

Modulight’s long-time semiconductor laser customer  needed a new product for a biomedical well-plate reader but they didn’t know exactly what their target specification would be like. Modulight team offered their help and conducted a background-study  for this application and based on the findings could define the specifications for the laser, and the suitable sub-assembly to make it easier to incorporate that new product into the customer’s scheme. After that, a standard laser product development process was carried out, resulting in a tailored diode laser product, in the tailored package.

The Modulight Edge

We pride ourselves on understanding our customers' true needs, often presenting alternative solutions that add immense value. Our in-house expertise covers all laser technologies, providing a holistic approach from the initial process to the final testing phase. With our platform products, we aim to streamline the process for our clients, offering products that are efficient, intuitive, and offer longevity.

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