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Laser Platform for Clinical Use

ML7710 is the most versatile multichannel, multi-indication and cloud connected medical laser in the world. ML7710 supports all known photosensitizers and user-friendly self-calibration. The treatment flow can be customized for specific needs guaranteeing ultimate patient safety and comfort.

Perfect laser for clinical and pre-clinical applications

ML7710 is a cloud-connected clinical laser platform, suitable for various medical applications, ranging from photodynamic therapy to fluorescence imaging and photothermal therapy. The system can be equipped with up to eight (8) laser outputs on same or different wavelengths between UV to 2000+ nm and configured for each application.

The standard features of the system include easy-to-use touch-screen user interface, multiple individually addressable output channelsaiming beams, and a smart internal calibration module. It is also equipped with all required functionalities for safety and usability, such as fiber sensorsfoot/hand switch, and safety interlocks. Optional functionalities include: light dosimetry monitoring, fluorescence measurement, and customized treatment flow, individual industrial design, annual calibration and field service, and extended warranty.

The design and manufacturing processes are done according to ISO 13485 and the design complies with IEC 60601 and FDA CDRH 21CFR1040.10 requirements and regulations. Some configurations of the ML7710 platform also have a CE mark and PMA approval. The system is certified to work with all configurations across UV to 2000+ nm and 0–15 W with up to 8 channels.

ML7710 supports all photosensitive substances/molecules including 5-ALA/Gliolan/Levulan/Metvix, Verteporfin/Visudyne, Photofrin, Amphinex, Pc4, Methylene blue, Fluorescein, ICG, Tookad, Foscan, Fotolon, Radachlorin, IRDye 700 (all are trademarks of respective owners) and many others in the wavelength range of UV to 2000+ nm.

Examples of optical configurations for medical applications

Application Wavelengths (nm) Power (W)
Fluorescence imaging RGB (e.g., 450, 520, 635) + excitation (e.g., 405, 488 or 785) 1-2
Photoimmunotherapy (PIT) 652 | 689 1-15
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) 630 | 635 | 652 | 665 | 670 | 680 | 689 | 753 1-15
Photothermal therapy (PTT) 810 | 940 | 980 | 1064 15-50
Surgical 810 | 940 | 980 | 1320 | 1470 | 1940 10-50
Dentistry 405 | 450 | 665 | 810 | 980 | 1470 1-30
Photo disinfection 635 | 665 | 810 1-5
Aesthetic 810 | 940 | 980 | 1470 1-30
Vein treatment 980 | 1470 10-15

Modulight Cloud Analytics and Services

Modulight Cloud connection enables real-time connectivity, treatment monitoring, remote support and diagnostics. Internet connectivity enables fluent transfer and viewing of the data and remote diagnostics via cloud service platform. Light intensity measurements in tumor allows to monitor photosensitizer photobleaching and light transmission at different times during treatments. Diagnostics data can be viewed from

Connectivity and Cloud Analytics

  • Connectivity enables remote treatment configuration and recording of the used parameters
  • Modulight Cloud plays a key role in the treatment improvement via the analytics on collected data​
  • The treatment monitoring is done simultaneously during the treatment and collected data is uploaded to Modulight Cloud​
  • Data can be viewed from cloud in real time and downloaded for more detailed analytics
  • The data can be further used for AI and machine learning​

Treatment Monitoring

  • Standard therapy fibers used for monitoring to minimize invasiveness – multiple fiber types supported ​
  • Data collected from tissue prior illumination provides confirmation on drug accumulation in the tumor​
  • Measured light intensity at different parts of the tumor provides insight on light transmission
  • Monitor the state of photosensitizer photobleaching​ to optimize treatment time
  • Monitor changes in light transmission to detect possible blood leakages

Services before shipment

  • Medical device documentation
  • Support with clinical trial initiation

Services after shipment

  • Medical device installation
  • On-site training of personnel (surgeons, doctors, nurses, etc.)
  • Periodic preventive maintenance
  • Software updates and hardware upgrades
  • On-site or remote technical support
  • Support with application testing
  • Treatment data analytics
  • Lifecycle management / recycling

ML7710 case examples

ML7710 for glioblastoma treatment

ML7710 for glioblastoma treatment is a multi-channel medical laser with real-time treatment monitoring functionality that guides the surgeon towards better treatment outcomes. This therapy modality is based on photodynamic therapy with 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) and ML7710 system for glioblastoma includes eight 1 W laser outputs at 635 nm wavelength. Each of these eight laser outputs can be used not only for 5-ALA activation but also for monitoring PpIX fluorescence throughout the treatment to gain insight on interstitial processes such as treatment progress and possible bleeding. ML7710 is internet connected and the treatment monitoring data is viewed from Modulight cloud in real-time. ML7710 configuration for glioblastoma supports both cylindrical diffuser fibers for interstitial illumination of an intact tumor and a balloon illuminator for illumination of resection cavity.

ML7710 for endoscopic fluorescence imaging

ML7710 configuration for endoscopic imaging is intended for both white light and fluorescence endoscopy. The system is equipped with an adjustable white light source with large dynamic range (0-1000 mW on red 635 nm, green 515 nm, and blue 445 nm), together with excitation light source that can be selected based on used fluorophore. Possible excitation wavelength options include e.g., 488 for fluorescein, 785 nm for ICG, 405 nm for 5-ALA, or 689 nm for IRDye700. The light output can be tailored to support industry standard endoscopic light guides eliminating the need for additional external optical elements. In addition ML7710 for endoscopy also includes an active de-speckling method which significantly decreases the amount of speckle at the sample.

ML7710 for bladder cancer

ML7710 for bladder cancer treatment was tailored to support novel photosensitive drug in treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) tumors. Laser enables illumination at 689 nm through two output channels: one meant for focused illumination of localized papillary tumors and with 2 W output power, and another one for overall illumination of the bladder to cover CIS tumors with higher output power. Laser includes aiming beams for enabling visualization of the laser spot in patient bladder. Tailored light delivery method to the bladder cavity is accomplished with the use of thin and flexible enough illumination fibers that are compatible with commercial flexible cystoscopes in the market. ML7710 for bladder cancer is cloud connected enabling remote treatment configuration and easy recording of the used parameters.

Medical laser accessories

Application fiber calibration port
Application fibers with aiming beam
Touch-screen GUI and treatment flow
Safety interlocks
Foot or hand switches
Other accessories

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    Safety Information

    The laser light emitted from this laser device may be visible or invisible, depending on the laser selected. The laser light is harmful to the human eye. Avoid eye and skin exposure to the beam, both direct and reflected. Products are subject to the risks normally associated with sensitive electronic devices including static discharge, transients, and overload. Please ensure ESD protection prior to handling the products. The devices have built-in software and hardware based safety features required for medical purposes.

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