Medical laser system ML7710 – Tool for professionals

Laser Platform for Clinical Use - ML7710

Medical laser ML7710 delivers laser light precisely and safely. ML7710 supports all known photo­sensitizers, user-friendly self-calibration, and many other features for ease of use and ultimate patient safety & comfort.

Overview of Clinical Laser ML7710

ML7710 is the most versatile multichannel & multi-indication medical laser in the world. The treatment flow of ML7710 has been optimized, and it can be further customized for specific needs. ML7710 supports all commercially available photosensitizers. As the only true medical laser platform it also boasts unmatched security for the investment.

Integrated application fiber calibration port

Up to 8 individually controlled channels with optional aiming beam

Intuitive touch-screen user interface with simple treatment flow

Safety interlocks

Perfect Laser for Clinical and Pre-clinical Applications

ML7710 is a clinical laser system platform suitable for various medical applications. It is equipped with all required functionalities for safety and usability, such as fiber sensors, foot/hand switch, and safety interlocks.

The standard features include easy-to-use touch screen user interface, multiple individually addressable fiber output channels, aiming beam, and smart internal calibration module.

Optional services include: customized treatment flow, individual industrial design, annual calibration and field service, and extended warranty.

The design and manufacturing processes are done according to ISO 13485:2003 and the design complies with IEC 60601 and FDA CDRH 21CFR1040.10 requirements and regulations. Certified to work with all configurations across 400–2000 nm and 0–15 W with up to 8 channels.

ML7710 supports all PDT substances / molecules including: Photofrin, Metvix, Levulan, Fluence, Amphinex, Methylene blue, Tookad, Foscan, PIT,  Fotolon (all are trademarks of respective owners) and many others in the wavelength range of 400–2000 nm.

Your benefits

  • CE* and ETL mark
  • Comes with regulatory documentation
  • CB tested to US/CA, EU, CH, Japan, SG, China
  • Fast product launches
  • Service and life-cycle support   
  • Lowest TCO

* (Basal cell carcinoma, Non-small cell lung cancer, Head and neck cancer, High grade dysplasia in Barrett’s esophagus)

 application wavelengths (nm) power (W)
  Photoimmunotherapy  652 | 689 1–15
  Photodynamic therapy  630 | 635 | 652 | 665 | 689 | 753 1–15
  Surgical  810 | 940 | 980 | 1320 | 1470 | 1940 10–50
  Dentistry 405 | 450 | 665 | 810 | 980 | 1470 1–30
  Photo disinfection  635 | 665 | 810 1–5
  Aesthetic  810 | 940 | 980 | 1470 1–30
  Vein treatment 980 | 1470 10–15
  Hyperthermia of tumors  940 | 980 | 1064 15–50

Some standard optical configurations for medical applications.

Electro-optical Characteristics
  Power stability (24 hrs)  dP < 5 %
  Fiber core diameter DCORE 400 µm
  Fiber numerical aperture  NA 0.22
Absolute maximum ratings
  Relative humidity  RH 95%
  Input voltage  VIN 88…132 / 176…264 VAC
  Ambient temperature TAMB 30°C
  Storage temperature  TSTG -20…50°C

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    Safety Information

    The laser light emitted from this laser device may be visible or invisible, depending on the laser selected. The laser light is harmful to the human eye. Avoid eye and skin exposure to the beam, both direct and reflected. Products are subject to the risks normally associated with sensitive electronic devices including static discharge, transients, and overload. Please ensure ESD protection prior to handling the products. The devices have built-in software and hardware based safety features required for medical purposes.

    Liability note
    This document is sole property of Modulight, Inc. No part of this document may be copied without written acceptance of Modulight, Inc. All statements related to the products herein are believed to be reliable and accurate. However, the accuracy is not guaranteed and no responsibility is assumed for any inaccuracies or omissions. Modulight, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in the specifications at any time without prior notice. Please see also our general delivery terms.

    Language options

    The user interface of ML7710 is available in many languages per request. Ask our sales about support for French, German, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and more.