Company profile – Modulight Corporation

Company profile - Modulight Corporation

  • Modulight designs and manufactures lasers for personalized medicine
  • The only vertically integrated medical laser manufacturer in the world
  • Exclusive supplier to 10+ pharmas, other Fortune 500 companies & well-known cancer centers
  • 20+ years track record of lasers & optics (400–2000 nm) for medical and high value-add applications
  • Listed in NASDAQ First North

What do we do?

Modulight designs and manufactures lasers and optics for personalized medicine and better life. We provide biomedical lasers for oncology, genetics and ophthalmology, supporting laser solutions like system integration service and laser design & manufacturing.

Our own semiconductor laser chip fab in Tampere, Finland allows us to truly guarantee supply, change control and tailor-made solutions. We have over 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing  FDA & CE approved lasers.

Laser expertise

Modulight Corporation is an ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO13485:2016 and ISO 27001:2022 certified semiconductor company providing value-added solutions to optical applications for medical, life sciences, custom & industrial applications.

Our products include various types of lasers from UV to 2000+ nm) with output power levels from milliwatts to hundreds of watts.

Proven performance

The excellence of Modulight’s work is recognized by customers and market analysts. Modulight was awarded two times by Frost & Sullivan: in 2006 for its innovative approaches and remarkable efforts to develop high-power laser diodes and in 2008 for outstanding product development strategy and impressive revenue growth. We believe our customers are our best reference.

Values that lead us forward

Where people take pride in their work. Where change is not feared, but embraced. A company that comes together to provide customers the best possible solutions – even if sometimes it means not delivering them what they initially asked for, but what they really need.

Our values – passion, renewal, respect and customer satisfaction – are the compass that leads our way forward and makes sure we stay on-course. Together they paint a picture of a company, where every team member is respected, and their work is celebrated.


We respect each other and cherish diversity. We understand and adapt to local cultures while being proud of our own. We respect other ways of doing things besides our own, and view those as potential best practices that we could all adopt. Respect does not however mean accepting mediocre work performance in anything.


We recognize constant state of change as our natural way of being. We try to adapt to the change and take best out of it. We are committed to continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers, colleagues, shareholders, partners and other stakeholders.


We want to have joy in our work. We help our colleagues and take pride in our own work. We recognize individual contribution and give credit to it accordingly. However, we recognize that a team is more important than the sum of its parts. We value highly especially those who facilitate positive experience and team working.

Customer satisfaction

We aim at highest possible customer satisfaction and focus. Our aim is to deliver an A+ experience to our customers.

Let's hear it from our Customers

Jean-Francois Boucher, Technical Manager of Laser Components Canada

Hannu Tuominen, Director, Vaisala Solutions

Ilkka Tiainen, Managing Director, Coherent Finland

Heikki Sipilä, Chief Scientist, Oxford Instruments

Our mission: A light that shines bright

At Modulight, we make magic happen with light. We serve the life science field and several other industries of tomorrow in order to not only kill cancer and improve health overall, but to advance the well-being of people in areas like transportation and communication.

Read more about our strategy on the investor pages.

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