Heat shock protein 90-targeted photodynamic therapy enables treatment of subcutaneous and visceral tumors

Published in: Communications Biology

Authors: Kensuke Kaneko, Takuya Osada, Michael A. Morse, William R. Gwin, Joshua D. Ginzel, Joshua C. Snyder, Xiao-Yi Yang, Cong-Xiao Liu, Márcio A. Diniz, Khaldon Bodoor, Philip F. Hughes, Timothy AJ. Haystead, H. Kim Lyerly


ML7710 was used for in vivo and ML8500 coupled to ML7710 for in vitro studies of HSP90-targeted verteporfin PDT for breast cancer. This strategy has both diagnostic and therapeutic potential across all breast cancer subtypes found up to few cm in depth, and may provide better tumor selectivity and shorter light sensitivity period. Supported by these results, a clinical trial of HSP90-targeted PDT for breast cancer patients will be soon initiated in Duke University.


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