Breaking the barrier: an osmium photosensitizer with unprecedented hypoxic phototoxicity for real world photodynamic therapy

Published in: Chemical Science

Authors: John A. Roque III, Patrick C. Barrett, Houston D. Cole, Liubov M. Lifshits, Ge Shi, Susan Monro, David von Dohlen, Susy Kim, Nino Russo, Gagan Deep, Colin G. Cameron, Marta E. Alberto, Sherri A. McFarland


ML8500 was used for specialized dosimetry studies in the development of the osmium-based PS using similar drug development strategy as for the analogous Ru(II) series that resulted in TLD1433 (first metal complex in clinical trials). The Os-compound approaches the ideal properties with multi-wavelength activation and largest hypoxic activity reported to date, being first osmium PS active in hypoxia (1% O2). It was also well tolerated in mice.


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