Near-infrared Absorbing Ru(II) Complexes Act as Immunoprotective Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Agents Against Aggressive Melanoma

Published in: Chemical Science

Authors: Liubov M. Lifshits, A. Roque III, Prathyusha Konda, Susan Monro, Houston D. Cole, David von Dohlen, Susy Kim, Gagan Deep, Randolph P. Thummel, Colin G. Cameron, Shashi Gujar, Sherri A. McFarland


9 novel Ru-based coordination complexes with different ligands were systematically synthetized and explored with aim to long wavelengths (>700 nm – >1000 nm depending on the compound) and high singlet oxygen quentum yeild for melanoma PDT. Light dosimetry and phototoxicities were studied in vitro (ML8500) and in vivo. NIR-PDT was shown to destroy melanoma cells directly but also indirectly by immunogenic cell death (ICD). All the compounds lost activity in hypoxia, pointing towards ROS-mediated PDT process. These NIR PSs may provide immuno-therapeutic benefit delivered alongside surgery for melanoma.


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