Theranostic Prospects of Graphene Quantum Dots in Breast Cancer

Published in: ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering

Authors: Rahul S. Tade, Pravin O. Patil


Breast cancer (BC) is increasing as a significant cause of mortality among women. In this context, early diagnosis and treatment strategies for BC are being developed by researchers at the cellular level using advanced nanomaterials. However, immaculate etiquette is the prerequisite for their implementation in clinical practice. Considering the stolid nature of cancer, combining diagnosis and therapy (theranostics) using graphene quantum dots (GQDs) is a prime focus and challenge for researchers. In a nutshell, GQDs is a new shining star among various fluorescent materials, which has acclaimed fame in a short duration in materials science and the biomedical field as well. From this perspective, we review various strategies in BC treatment using GQDs alone or in combination. In addition, the photophysical properties of GQDs explored in photothermal therapy, hyperthermia therapy, and photodynamic therapy are also discussed.


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