Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – March 2024

Modulight Spotlights: LASER-SHARP RESEARCH – March 2024

Glioblastoma is the most aggressive type of brain tumor. It is hard to treat because of its invasion into functioning brain tissues, limited drug delivery due to blood-brain-barrier, and evolved treatment resistance. To address these challenges, a light-activated nanoformulation, called nanoVP, was developed for glioblastoma in a new study co-led by John Quinlan and Collin Inglut in Dr. Huang’s team at the University of Maryland. Published in a prestigious journal Advanced Science, this novel therapy resulted in an improved tumor control and survival and was even able to safely open blood-brain-barrier to enable more effective delivery of therapeutics to the brain. ML6000 series laser together with automated laser calibration system MLACAL was used for therapeutic activation of nanoVP as well as for opening the blood-brain-barrier for drug delivery.


Modulight is very happy to be supporting this research. We would like to deliver our warmest congratulations to the research team!


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Modulight products used:

ML6600 – High-power laser system with multi-wavelength support

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About Modulight’s LASER-SHARP RESEARCH concept:

Laser-Sharp Research is a concept where our scientific board highlights cutting-edge scientific research articles from our customers. Important selection criteria are that Modulight and laser product are mentioned in the publication, the impact and relevance of the results, clinical translatability, as well as scientific quality of the journal. The nominated research groups will be rewarded to encourage the great work done.

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