Combination of ALA-induced fluorescence-guided resection and intraoperative open photodynamic therapy for recurrent glioblastoma: case series on a promising dual strategy for local tumor control

Published in: Journal of Neurosurgery

Authors: Stephanie Schipmann, Michael Müther, Louise Stögbauer, Sebastian Zimmer, Benjamin Brokinkel, Markus Holling, Oliver Grauer, Eric Suero Molina, Nils Warneke, Walter Stummer


Report on results from intraoperative open PDT compassionate care of 20 recurrent glioblastoma patients. ML7710 was used only for PDT (Zeiss surgical microscope used for fluorescence visualization of PPIX). Results suggest that combining PDT with 5-ALA FGR (fluorescence-guided resection) is effective (effect of PDT was seen in 80% of patients) and safe (only one adverse event was observed = surgical site infection).


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