Photochemical Internalization Enhanced Vaccination Is Safe, and Gives Promising Cellular Immune Responses to an HPV Peptide-Based Vaccine in a Phase I Clinical Study in Healthy Volunteers

Published in: Frontiers in Immunology

Authors: Tone Otterhaug, Sylvia Janetzki, Marij J. P. Welters, Monika Håkerud, Anne Grete Nedberg, Victoria Tudor Edwards, Sanne Boekestijn, Nikki M. Loof, Pål Kristian Selbo, Hans Olivecrona, Sjoerd H. van der Burg, Anders Høgset


Open-label phase 1 study to assess safety and local tolerance to PCI vaccination (fimaVACC). Peptide and protein-based vaccination coupled with PCI platform was safe in healthy volunteers (n=96) and significantly enhanced T-cell responses (over 10-fold compared to vaccination without PCI platform). The optimal and safe dose was identified for further studies. CE-marked Modulight laser was used for skin illuminations 20h after fimaporfin + HPV peptide intradermal vaccination.


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