Configurable multiwavelength narrow linewidth laser system for quantum applications

Presented in: SPIE Quantum West 2023

Authors: Kostiantyn Nechay, Luukas Kuusela, Ossi Mäkinen, Riina Ulkuniemi, Pekko Sipilä, Kalle Palomäki, Petteri Uusimaa


Single-frequency laser sources serve as a backbone for quantum computing and metrology technologies and applications. Availability of integrated laser systems delivering tailored multiwavelength emission across optical spectrum is a defining factor for further quantum technologies development and commercialization. Modulight demonstrates highly integrated ML6600 laser system for cooling and repumping of 87Rb atoms at D2 line. Such laser system incorporates driving electronics, internal spectroscopy-locked reference laser source, heterodyne detection coupled with frequency stabilization and tuning functionalities of outputs. In-house semiconductor engineering and fabrication of DBR, DFB and external cavity lasers allows ML6600 system to cover wavelength ranges from UV to IR.


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