Novel ophthalmic PDT laser platform to target oncology and various other retinal indications

Presented in: SPIE BIOS 2023

Authors: Laura Vesala, Eero Koivumäki, Jukka-Pekka Alanko, Timo Tanila, Ivan Baldin, Zoe Ylöniemi, Petteri Uusimaa, Modulight Corp.


Laser systems, in ophthalmic applications, are utilized in the treatment of various ophthalmic diseases such as in ocular oncology and age-related macular degeneration through photochemical mechanism of photodynamic therapy. In addition, these lasers can be used to activate drug delivery systems in the retina to provide targeted drug therapy. PDT is a form of a combination treatment which utilizes light energy to activate a photoactive pharmaceutical (photosensitizer) to create a photodynamic reaction. Current photodynamic therapy devices out on the market are around 20 years old and the companies that manufacture the devices, do not provide yearly maintenance services for the devices. Therefore, Modulight has developed the multi-indication ML6710i ophthalmic laser platform and the beam shaping unit ML-SLA to address the need for supported PDT equipment and to target the treatment of oncological and various other diseases affecting the posterior of the eye with the capability to provide laser light ranging from 400 nm to 2000 nm depending on the specific customer needs. ML-SLA has been tested to yield a superior beam quality and enable a larger spot size range than any existing beam shaping unit in the market, thus eliminating the need for multi-spot treatment of larger lesions. The device connects to Modulight Cloud services, enhancing treatment planning and post-operative analysis. In addition, the ML6710i laser platform has the capability of including a camera module to record the intra-operative fundus view into Modulight Cloud to further assist in post-operative treatment analysis.


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