An Infrared Dye–Conjugated Virus-like Particle for the Treatment of Primary Uveal Melanoma

Published in: Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

Authors: Rhonda C. Kines, Isabella Varsavsky, Sanghamitra Choudhary, Debaditya Bhattacharya, Sean Spring, Roger McLaughlin, Shin J. Kang, Hans E. Grossniklaus, Demetrios Vavvas, Stephen Monks, John R. MacDougall, Elisabet de los Pinos, and John T. Schiller


Laser was used for evaluating tumor-specific targeting and cellular toxicity of their novel IRDye 700DX-conjugated papillomavirus-like particle (AU-011) in vitro using human cancer cell lines. The in vivo experiments were done using other lasers: mice were irradiated with Opto Engine laser and rabbits with slit lamp system with Zeiss Visulas laser.


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