Strategy and objectives

Strategy and targets

Business strategy

Modulight’s growth targets are based on the following strategic key factors:

Geographical expansion
Modulight focuses on seeking growth especially in the U.S. market, where the company plans to start local operations. In Europe and Asia, the company’s go-to-market strategy is based on selected partnerships.

Extension of the offering to new indications and applications
Modulight aims to expand its offering to cover other indications as well as extend the use of its medical device platform.​

New business models
Modulight strongly seeks growth through SaaS-based business models, such as the pay per treatment model.

Commercial and operational excellence
Modulight aims to develop its commercial and operational expertise as well as the ESG, governance and reporting capabilities.

State-of-the-art laser technology expertise
Modulight continues investments into high-power single-mode laser technology to further increase the gap to competition.​

Modulight's business and financial targets

Modulight’s main business targets for the strategy period 2023–2025 are:

  • At least three commercial roll outs of projects in the current R&D pipeline
  • Local operations in the U.S.. and focusing on selected partnerships in Europe and Asia
  • Developing a pay per treatment model and other SaaS-based business models
  • Improving treatment efficacy and accessibility with cloud-based services
  • Carbon-neutral operations in 2025

Modulight’s financial target is strong annual growth and a return to strong profitability during the strategy period 2023–2025. The company’s dividend policy remains unchanged.

  • Growth: strong annual revenue growth
  • Profitability: return to strong profitability in terms of EBITDA-%
  • Dividend policy: all returns invested in organic and inorganic growth, and the company distributes little or no dividends

*Modulight generates most of its current revenue from the products currently in the development stage and the company defines the commercial commissioning stage to have actualized once the company’s revenue exceeds EUR 10 million for the product/customer in question.

Dividend policy

In the coming years, the company will focus on financing the growth and development of its business. The company will adhere to this very stringent dividend policy, which is tied to the company’s results and financial standing. The company expects to distribute only a small amount of dividends or no dividends at all in the near to mid-term.