Modulight develops and provides biomedical lasers for various medical indications, customised lasers for applications that provide high value-add, as well as related services.

Products for medicine and biomedicine


  • Oncology products
  • Ophthalmology products
  • Products for genetics and diagnostics


  • Customized laser solutions (wavelength, optical power and laser output beam engineering enabled by own production plant and semiconductor process)

Other high value-add applications

Highly specialized semiconductor chip designs and product platforms used in biomedicine can often be used for other high value-add applications with similar requirements for wavelength, laser power and light delivery.

  • Quantum computing
  • Flow cytometry
  • Semiconductor metrology
  • Monitoring of weather phenomena

  • Cloud services for improved treatment efficacy and availability
  • Lifecycle support and regular maintenance plans
  • Regulatory design and approval services
  • Pay-per-treatment services
  • On-site or online training and calibration services
  • Regulatory and feature software updates


Modulight's revenue model

Modulight’s process covers product development from the concept stage to the active product portfolio, which helps customers shorten the time to market for their products and to significantly increase their value. For customers in medicine and biomedicine, the process usually begins with a preclinical trial phase, followed by clinical trial phase I or pilot production. This is followed by clinical trial phases II-III. With products for other high value-add applications, the process starts with the concept phase, followed by the product development phase. For all customers, at the final stage, production is started, and the product is launched on the market.

Modulight usually charges the customer a project-specific fixed fee or a service fee. The company’s revenue recognition is mainly based on delivery/milestone – sometimes also delayed. The company is also developing a pay per treatment (PPT) payment model.

Preclinical research phase / concept phase

Clinical phase I / pilot production

Clinical phases II-III / R&D phase

Active product portfolio go to market / production phase