Modulight designs and delivers lasers for biomedical applications, as well as lasers for selected high value-adding niche applications, and provides related services.

In biomedicine

Modulight provides lasers for oncology, ophthalmology and genetics, as well as other diagnostics. Modulight offers customized biomedical laser solutions, including wavelength, optical power and optical beam editing based on its own production facility and semiconductor process.

  • Products for oncology
  • Products for ophthalmology
  • Products for genetics and other diagnostics

In the custom and high value-adding products segment

Modulight offers customized lasers to selected customers in high value-add markets. Highly specialised semiconductor laser products and product platforms used in life sciences can also often be directly applied to other high value-adding applications with similar requirements for wavelength, laser power and light targeting.

  • Quantum computing
  • Communications
  • Digital press
  • Environment and sensing

The service offering

is extensive and covers both cloud-based features and support services as well as regulatory documentation.

  • Data Analytics & Cloud
  • Lifecycle support with recurring service plans
  • Regulatory design and approvals
  • One-time services
  • On-site or online training andn annual calibration
  • Software updates

Modulight's revenue model

The company’s revenue model can be roughly divided in four phases. In each of the phases, the company’s customer strategy is to cover the entire process from proof of concept to active product portfolio, which may significantly help its customers to decrease their time to market and increase the value of their product. The company typically charges a fixed fee per project, a service fee or a licence fee based on the customer’s revenue.

1 Preclinical research phase / concept phase

2 Clinical phase I / pilot production

3 Clinical phases II-III / R&D phase

4 Active product portfolio go to market / production phase