Modulight introduces "SparkLight", the turnkey platform for high-power lasers

Tampere, Finland & San Jose, CA, Nov 14th 2008 – Modulight’s product family takes a leap ahead through the introduction of SparkLight, a new turnkey laser platform. Designed to support both, research and industrial activities, the turnkey laser platform offers versatility and ease-of-use to the expert and novice alike. The system embeds everything required to operate Modulight’s acclaimed broad-area lasers, from laser driver to cooling and monitoring, all in a compact package. A microprocessor-controlled supervisory circuit ensures the smooth and safe operation of the system. The laser platform operates in continuous-wave mode, with optional low-bandwidth modulation capabilities.

SparkLight turnkey laser platform can be adapted to power any of Modulight’s high-power laser arrays, offering a broad wavelength coverage: 635 nm (3 W – product code ML1762), 940 nm (25 W – product code ML1820), and 1550 nm (12 W – product code ML1821). The system output is fiber-coupled by design, however alternative configurations can be supplied by request.

The key word for the new laser platform is versatility. All the features of the module are modifiable to suit the needs of the end customer. The control circuit can range from a simple analog interface to a computer-controlled digital assembly, whereas cooling can be air-based or water-based, depending on power level and user requirements.

SparkLight turnkey platform is offered as three different versions: OEM system, rack mounted for industrial applications, and a desktop case with easy-to-use touchscreen interface for research and industrial application development.

“We are excited to reach this important milestone as we’ve been repeatedly asked for system level solutions by our customers over the past years. We have already offered to some of our customers fully integrated customized laser solutions and we set us this year a goal to turn this to a whole new product line. With this new platform we want to help our customers to integrate our lasers easily to their application and let them to focus their internal resources on other critical processes. We will take care of providing them with the best laser solution for their application from chip level to turnkey system.” says Dr. Petteri Uusimaa, President & CEO of Modulight.

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