Modulight introduces "FiberLight", the platform for fiber coupled high-power lasers from 635nm to 1550 nm

Tampere, Finland & San Jose, CA, Jan 26th 2009 – Modulight’s product offering achieves further expansion by the introduction of “FiberLight”, a new fiber coupled laser module. The applications of the FiberLight modules are in medical, industrial, defense and research activities. The FiberLight products are based on Modulight’s acclaimed broad-area laser bars, from which the laser emission is coupled to single output fiber with a very high efficiency. The FiberLight module is further used as a key building block in Modulight’s SparkLight turnkey laser platforms, released in Nov 2008.

FiberLight can embed all the Modulight’s high-power laser arrays, offering broad wavelength and power level coverage. Currently following wavelengths and power levels are offered as standard products:

  • 635 nm 3 W, product code ML1496
  • 808 nm 35 W, product code ML 1825
  • 980 nm 35 W, product code ML 1826
  • 1470 nm 12 W, product code ML 1828
  • 1550 nm 12 W, product code ML 1497

The features of FiberLight module include high brightness, power and efficiency. The outstanding coupling efficiency is based on an innovative and patented fiber array design. The compact size and flexible fiber output enable further integration into modular, multi laser array designs hosting 3, 6 or 9 laser arrays, scaling power levels up to several hundred watts.

FiberLight laser module is offered as conduction cooled and water cooled versions. The baseline output fiber has core diameter of 365 µm and is terminated by SMA connector. Other fiber sizes and configurations are provided as per customers’ requests. Optional accessories include aiming beam, thermistor and photodiode for temperature and power monitoring.

“Fiber coupled high-power diode lasers are finding their way to increased number of applications from medical and industrial to defense use. Surprisingly, the availability of fiber coupling technology for laser arrays has remained rather limited and is largely relying on bulky and fragile free space optics solutions. As a leading diode manufacturer, we’ve been increasingly asked for robust and high-efficiency solutions to such products and last year we decided to include fiber coupling of laser arrays to our technology roadmap. Once again Modulight’s engineering team has made a remarkable achievement and exceeded all targets by having this technology available to our customer already from the very beginning of 2009. We are naturally excited to offer the FiberLight products to our customers as laser modules and as a part of our SparkLight laser systems.” says Dr. Petteri Uusimaa, President & CEO of Modulight.

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