Modulight introduces high-power 1550nm TO-can lasers

Tampere, Finland, October 17th, 2007– Modulight, Inc., a manufacturer of high- performance optical semiconductor components, today announced the arrival of its laser family’s newest member: the high-power, single-emitter 1550 nm laser chip housed in a 9-mm TO-can. The product code is ML1470.

Designed mainly for free space applications requiring powerful laser beams at eye-safe wavelengths, this new device capitalizes on Modulight’s decade of expertise in this wavelength range. As a result, high power and high efficiency become a promise delivered, rendering the product applicable also to battery-operated equipment. The laser comes in a variety of optical configurations, being capped with a flat window or (on customer demand) with a collimating lens. Heat-sinking and cooling requirements are modest, as the new laser module requires only 3 A for full optical output beyond 500mW in continuous wave operation.

Modulight high-power 1550nm TO-can (ML1470)

Modulight high-power 1550nm TO-can (ML1470)typical performance

For a full datasheet, please visit Modulight’s website. Do contact one of our sales team members at for further information.

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Modulight, Inc. provides value-added solutions to optical applications for industrial, communication, medical, space, and defense industries. Modulight products include various types of lasers from visible to infrared wavelengths with output power levels from milliwats to over hundreds of watts. Modulight provides also laser solutions from design and manufacturing of laser diodes to OEM-based optical sub-systems and turnkey laser systems. Modulight owns and operates a semiconductor fab in Tampere, Finland and has fully owned subsidiary Modulight USA located in San Jose, California.

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