Announcement of red laser product family at LASER 2007

Tampere, Finland – Modulight’s product line turns red hot as its newest member family is unveiled at LASER 2007: ChiliLase, the high-power red laser diodes. Operating in the range of 635-690 nm and delivering up to 2 W in a 200-um core optical fiber at room temperature, the ChiliLase family products are the result of a major development effort, combining state-of-the-art semiconductor technology with innovative packaging solutions.

High-power diode lasers operating in the red-light spectral range (635-690 nm) have recently become a hot topic of the laser industry given their special applications ranging from photodynamic therapy to metrology and surface inspection. Following further development effort red diode lasers may come to replace the bulky He-Ne lasers, thus reducing the size and cost of the systems employing such lasers. Diode lasers constitute an attractive solution to traditional visible laser systems owing to the small-footprint package, increased reliability, as well as the much simpler control electronics. Advances in packaging technology have made it possible to launch a good part of the laser diode output into an optical fiber, providing the end user with a flexible and easy-to-use light delivery method.

Modulight’s ChiliLase comes in a sealed, fiber-pigtailed package that permits easy interfacing to the power supply as well as the cooling systems. For standard applications, Modulight supplies the driving electronics, turning ChiliLase into a self-contained laser module, readily pluggable into your system.

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