In-house production

Modulight has 40,000 sq.ft. site complete with design, production and testing facilities. We have large cleanrooms and semi-clean areas separately for different system & semiconductor production as well as R&D purposes. Our facilities enable processing virtually all relevant compound semiconductors starting from lithography to bar/die cleaving & coating.

Our system assembly area houses similar rigorous testing & traceability capabilities as our state-of-the-art semiconductor fab. Many of our customers felt that having the whole chain within a company has dramatically reduced total lead-times and thereby reduced cost.


Research & development

  • Our broad in-house capabilities reduce the development time.
  • Thanks to our semiconductor capabilities, we can often tailor and experiment with different lasers with relatively low cost, even when quite exotic optical parameters are required.

Pilot production / “Pre market”

  • Most customers require extensive pilot production lots even years before formal manufacturing – all these can be done in production-like environment with rigorous documentation, traceability and validation criteria. Many customers told us that they have never seen similar capabilities in any other company.
  • Doing pre-market production & certification manufacturing in highly controlled environment typically reduces overall certification time and regulatory approval costs.

Manufacturing / “After market”

  • Highly computerized and ultimate traceability in documentation is used in regular production also.
  • We can trace every single product ever manufactured down to its original raw materials and preceding test lots.



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