Rising star in immunotherapy

San Jose, California & Tampere FINLAND, September 15, 2015 – Modulight, Inc., a leading biomedical laser manufacturer, announces today a rising star in immunotherapy competition. The objective is to help clinicians and biomedical researchers below 35 years old to get their hands on the best possible tools to support photo immunotherapy.

All clinicians, residents and biomedical researchers worldwide are eligible to participate the contest by submitting their application via web (research plan, CV and publication list).

Final selection of the winner will be done by an independent board of distinquished professors who participate the Modulight upcoming workshop in 2016. You can find list of previous workshop speakers here (Kissimmee, FL and San Francisco, CA). We will publish our workshop schedule in October for 2016 and hope to see as many as possible young clinicians participating.
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For the winner of this competition Modulight will provide a free single channel ML7710 laser for up to 3 years, visit to Modulight factory, reasonable quantity of consumables and services. The key criteria for the contest are: 1. expected medical impact 2. credibility of the research plan and 3. demonstrated previous medical achievements.


Modulight ML7710 photo immunotherapy in operating room ready to be used for lung cancer treatment. On the right  Modulight President & CEO Dr. Petteri Uusimaa and far right Seppo Orsila, Executive Chairman Modulight, Inc. showcasing the heart of Modulight laser manufacturing.

“We are launching this small competition to show our commitment to the next generation of researchers and clinicians”, says Seppo Orsila, Executive Chairman of Modulight and continues: “Our strategy is to make lasers & optics for personalized medicine and better life. What could be a better way to enhance this than to provide the best tools for the young clinicians and residents. We hope that as many young clinicians as possible will participate our 2016 workshops – schedule for which we’ll announce in October. While these events provide an excellent platform for networking we only have limited number of seats and we may need to limit participation based on first come first served, relevance of study and seniority.”

Deadline for submitting the research plans is 31st of January 2016. The plans will be prescreened and sorted by Modulight with aim to ease the independent evaluators screening. Final decision is above mentioned experts.

“We constantly see new breed of clinicians with interest to immunotherapy yet they often lack the proper tools for their studies. We hope this will make a small improvement,” says Petteri Uusimaa, President of Modulight.




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