Laser design services

products-laser-designModulight designs have been used in diverse of applications from on-board space satellite core systems to specialized equipment designed for ischemic stroke and Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). Modulight has designed & built lasers over 20 years.

Typical customer requirements start from specific pharmaceutical treatment or industrial process description, to which Modulight engineers propose a working solution. Designs are reviewed & validated with customers before release to prototype manufacturing and onwards to mass production.

Modulight has full in-house design capabilities for:

  • Optical semiconductor – epitaxy, process & chip
  • Mechanical / ergonomics design
  • Electrical / PCB design
  • SW & safety design
  • Usability & UI design
  • Design for test & calibration

Design process

 dev-design dev-prototype  dev-ready-product


Case – Design for usability

  • Customers told us that typical laser instruments are hard to use, engineer products yet lack functionality.
  • Modulight designed a touch screen driven approach with usability design first.
  • Furthermore number of (laser) channels was far from optimal in systems available at the market – we introduced a very easily configurable multichannel system.

Case – Time to Market (TTM)

  • North American medical customer had spent several years working with different laser module suppliers as well as internal & external teams to create a medical laser system to be used in combination of a medicine treatment. Several efforts had been all unsuccessful.
  • Modulight sketched rough requirements document with customer engineers followed by series of design reviews & collaborative meetings.
  • In 9 months Modulight delivered the complete system ready for hospital environment & certification documentation.

Case – New laser needed

  • European customer needed a medical laser with specific optical parameters and stability.
  • Modulight worked with the customers team, designed, tested and provided the certification documentation for regulatory purposes in mere 3 months time.
  • Today customer has tens of systems across Europe in different hospitals and the laser is core part of the company’s value proposition