Sensing Applications

Sensing Applications

Environmental sensing

Lasers have offered revolutionary solutions to environmental monitoring. Some examples among the possible atmospheric deployment of lasers are water/ice detection, road weather monitoring or detecting hazardous gases.

3D sensing

Laser based 3D sensors are used more and more to control actions in hand helds, computers, game stations, automotives and robotics.

Range finding

Pulsed laser range finder is based on measuring the difference in properties of transmitted and back-reflected light from the target.


Autonomous driving requires a thorough understanding of the surrounding environment, including the static and dynamic objects.

Environmental sensing

Laser solutions for environmental monitoring

Weather monitoring

Industries, like automotive, are adding more and more assisting systems to their solutions to help system or operator to make more sophisticated decisions. This has increased the demand for analyzing and detecting the environment. For example tailored laser weather monitoring solutions for detecting water/ice/snow will give valuable information on the driving conditions.

CASE: Road weather monitoring

VAISALA – a global leader in environmental monitoring wanted to develop a road weather system that would provide real-time conditions for traffic optimization & driver warning purposes.

Modulight developed a specific laser for real-time on road ice detection in a few months time. After 15+ years the laser is still in production.

Gas sensing

Environmental safety is one of the top priorities for industries. For example a hazardous gas leakage could cause severe problems. Lasers can be used to monitor and detect gas substance in a space. Multiwavelength laser gas sensing system can be used to safe guard a space and for example detect methane (NH4) gas.

CASE: Methane gas sensing

Per customer request Modulight developed a laser subsystem operating at tailored wavelength, which is one of the methane (NH4) gas spectrum absorption peaks. In the application laser power is modulated to achieve slight and precise change in the laser active area temperature. The change in temperature will change the output wavelength in controlled manner. The existence of methane gas in the volume can be detected by observing the laser power and spectral behavior.

3D sensing

Control of and interaction with technology without physical contact is becoming part of our daily lives. Laser 3D sensors have been key drivers in development of these applications.

Facial Recognition

Application square pics facial

Distinctive details about a person’s face can be used to authenticate or reverify a user’s identity. Laser based 3D sensor can be used to capture information about the shape of a face.

Gesture recognition

Application square pics gesture

One can use simple gestures to control or interact with devices without physically touching them. Using the concept of gesture recognition, it is possible for example by finger pointing to control electronics or wave of a hand control a game. Laser based 3D sensors are common technologies used in this type of application.

Driver monitoring

Application square pics driver2

Driver assisting systems are coming more and more popular in vehicles. Especially safety systems are essential part of this development. Legislatures are requiring new cars to have driver monitoring systems to increase the safety of the driver. Essential part of these system is laser based driver monitoring, which monitor for examples driver’s drowsiness or alertness.

Range finding

Distance measurement can be easy and accurate.

Laser range finding

Pulsed laser range finder is based on measuring the difference in properties of transmitted and back-reflected light from the target. Modulight’s high peak-power and a short rise-time laser solutions are ideal for high performance range finding solutions.


Dynamic perception and object recognition of the surroundings.

LiDAR solutions

LiDAR technology is the answer to construct a contextual understanding of the surrounding environment to enable the future of autonomous driving and safer transportation. LiDAR is also used in short-range/indoor applications, to construct the 3d-image of the surrounding environment. Modulight expertise with the medical industry is a valuable asset when providing eye-safe lidar solutions.

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