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Modulight launches 1W RGB LimeLight laser modules with the smallest form factor in the industry

Tampere, Finland Jan 28th 2013 – Modulight, Inc., an ISO13485:2003 certified laser manufacturer based in Tampere, Finland and San Jose, CA,announced today the release of their renewed LimeLight laser systems offering the smallest form factor RGB laser solution in the industry. The systems produce 1W output power at 635nm, 532nm and 465nm from only 3″x3″ footprint. While the well-known Modulight LimeLight platform has been cut to half in volume, it houses even more functionalities and offers unbeaten spread of wavelength from visible 465nm to NIR Continue reading →

Modulight expands LimeLight product family with blue wavelength

Tampere, Finland & San Jose, CA, Nov 15th 2011 – Modulight today announced the extension of its LimeLight product family with the introduction of the blue (1W@465nm) single-emitter based laser systems well suited for medical diagnostics and therapy. Example applications in medical field include acne treatment and teeth whitening. Blue laser systems can be also used in a variety of other applications, such as illumination and laser projection. It’s hard to find a man who is not satisfied with the effect of Viagra pills. Our Continue reading →

Modulight releases multi-chip red laser modules for industrial, display and medical applications

Tampere, Finland & San Jose, CA, May 19th 2011 – Modulight announced today the expansion of FiberLight product family by addition of multi-chip red laser modules for industrial, display and medical applications. The released products fill in the gap between the butterfly packaged single emitters and fiber coupled laser arrays already represented in FiberLight family. The laser modules can host up to 4 laser diodes which are coupled to a single 200 μm core fiber with NA=0.22 and terminated with a standard SMA-905 connector. A Continue reading →

Modulight adds features and scales up power from FiberLight product platform

Tampere, Finland & San Jose, CA, Jan 13th 2011 – Modulight announced today new designs for the FiberLight product family addressing both, power and functionality requirements of medical, defense and industrial markets, including display and projection application for visible lasers. The new platform has an improved coupling efficiency combined with robust mechanical design, and detachable fiber as a new feature. FiberLight product family comprises all the fiber coupled laser array products of Modulight, based on one and two laser arrays. Currently, the following wavelengths and Continue reading →

Modulight introduces "FiberLight", the platform for fiber coupled high-power lasers from 635nm to 1550 nm

Tampere, Finland & San Jose, CA, Jan 26th 2009 – Modulight’s product offering achieves further expansion by the introduction of “FiberLight”, a new fiber coupled laser module. The applications of the FiberLight modules are in medical, industrial, defense and research activities. The FiberLight products are based on Modulight’s acclaimed broad-area laser bars, from which the laser emission is coupled to single output fiber with a very high efficiency. The FiberLight module is further used as a key building block in Modulight’s SparkLight turnkey laser platforms, Continue reading →