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Modulight enters Israeli market in cooperation with Migvan

Tampere, January 22nd, 2004, Modulight, Inc. (Tampere, Finland) and Migvan Technologies & Engineering (Tel Aviv, Israel) signed today a representative agreement, which enables immediate availability of Modulight’s products into Israeli market. Modulight offers optoelectronic (OE) epiwafers, OE chips (lasers) and packaged laser components such as TO-cans and fiber pigtailed laser modules. Customized laser chips and foundry services are supporting well Modulight’s broad product and service portfolio. Modulight’s Fabry-Pérot and DFB laser dies, from lower speeds up to 10Gb/s, are available as standard products in volumes, Continue reading →

Modulight enhances customer service in China through distribution agreement with Broadtechs

Tampere, June 19th, 2003 – Modulight, Inc. (Tampere, Finland) and Broadtechs (Shanghai, China) have signed a distribution agreement that results in immediate improvement in customer support and sales activity of Modulight’s telecom and datacom lasers in Chinese market. The purpose of the agreement is to sell and promote Modulight’s products widely to China. Modulight’s product portfolio covers optoelectronic (OE) epiwafers, OE chips and packaged laser components. Broadtechs has significant experience in distributing optoelectronic products and long-time presence in Chinese market. With its offices in Shanghai, Continue reading →