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Tyco Electronics laser unit engages Modulight for design services of laser diode chips

Tampere & Anaheim, Mar 7th, 2005– Laser Diode, Incorporated (LDI ®) a unit of Tyco Electronics, has engaged Modulight for design services for the development of new laser diode chips. Mr. Mark Schuckert, LDI operations manager for communications components highlights, “Modulight products have shown to be very reliable and consistent in quality. The new products developed by Modulight will open up new and exciting markets. We are very satisfied with Modulight uninterrupted service, rapid response and their true commitment to close co-operation with their customers.” Continue reading →

Modulight appoints senior advisory board

Lafayette (CA), Oct 18th, 2005 – Modulight Inc. announces today business advisory board with following distinguished members of the photonics industry: Dr. Mike Scott (Former CTO of Bookham, and VP Technology, Nortel Networks Optical Components), Dr. Jörg Neukum (World-wide Sales&Marketing Manager of Dilas/Germany), Mr. Don Spalinger (Senior VP of Southampton Photonics), Dr. Pekka Savolainen (Technical Advisor Modulight) and Dr. Hubert Jouve (Modulight board). Advisory Board Member Dr. Scott says “I have watched the development of Modulight for several years. I am impressed by their management Continue reading →

Modulight improves customer service in California, Arizona and near by regions

Tampere, March 26th, 2004 – Modulight, Inc. (Tampere, Finland) and Reichenbach International, Inc. (Westlake Village, California) have today announced a long-term marketing cooperation. Reichenbach International’s offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, and Phoenix will serve Modulight’s customers in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. "We are very pleased to team up with Reichenbach International to support our customers in the region. Their long expertise in getting design-in’s with well known fiber optic companies will definitely be helpful for us Continue reading →