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Range Finding

    Laser range finding applications set several requirements for the laser device. High output power is required at the same time in very short pulses of even picosecond range. However, the required power is defined by the distance and reflectivity of the target. High power can be achieved by constructing several emitter stacks or by increasing a single emitter dimensions. Light pulses up to 120-150 Watts can be generated using Modulight’s laser diodes at 905 nm wavelength range. Though comparably lower output power with Continue reading →Laser range finding: How it works? Pulsed laser range finder is based on measuring the difference in properties of the transmitted and back-reflected light from the target. The target changes the properties of the incident light and the back-reflected light is analyzed in the receiving equipment. Modulight manu­factures range-finding lasers for various market segments. The distance measurement techniques are required in determining the height, width, distance, volume or movement of the target.  Applications for the technique are laser radar speed measurements, traffic safety, laser profiling Continue reading →