ML6600 Multiwavelength Distributed Bragg Reflector Laser Platform for Quantum Applications

Modulight ML6600 Distributed Bragg Reflector laser cores are available at various wavelengths – 650 nm, 760 nm, 780 nm, 785 nm, 795 nm, and 935 nm – relevant to quantum and spectroscopy applications. The fully in-house manufactured laser diodes exhibit reliable high-power operation with down to below 500 kHz linewidth. Designed for highest-quality mechanical, optical and acoustical isolation, and integrated with ML6600 platform’s ultra-low-noise current drivers and accurate temperature controllers, these laser cores show top-notch performance.

Both free-space output and single-mode polarization maintaining fiber are available as options for light delivery. For obtaining watt-level output power, DBR output can be further amplified using a tapered amplifier, integrated together with the DBR seed laser into a DBR-MOPA laser core. These design aspects ensure lasers that meet the demanding Quantum technology requirements.

The ML6600 platform can be fully tailored to customer needs for system integration. Cloud connectivity and predictive maintenance features further ensure operation with minimized down-time.



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