Modulight launches ML6600 for Flow Cytometry and Quantum Computing

Next week at Photonics West 2024, Modulight will unveil significant new additions to the ML6600 laser solution platform. These new innovations include a specialized laser engine tailored for Flow Cytometry applications, and advanced DBR laser cores designed specifically for the Quantum Computing market.

Our #LaserFamily are presenting 11 conference papers plus participating in a technical panel, across the Photonics West conferences BIOS, OPTO, LASE and QUANTUM WEST. You can see the list here.

ML6600 for Flow Cytometry – Laser engine with active beam steering

The newest product utilizing the ML6600 platform is a specialized laser engine for the most demanding Flow Cytometry applications. The system delivers a focused, noise-free, and monochromatic output, offering up to four selectable wavelengths: 349 nm (UV), 405 nm (violet), 488 nm (blue), 561 nm (yellow), and 638 nm (red). Output beams have flat-top profiles and are pre-configured into a beam ladder.

The ML6600 for Flow Cytometry features a built-in CCD camera for beam monitoring and the beams can be individually steered either remotely via the Modulight Cloud or automatically with the AI-based beam alignment system. The ML6600 platform supports preventive maintenance with predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms, powered by Modulight Cloud.

“The automatic AI-based beam alignment system on ML6600 for Flow Cytometry helps in two ways: Firstly, during the assembly phase, this innovative system significantly accelerates the beam adjustment process. Secondly, this virtually eliminates the need for service visits to re-align the laser beams.  This is a substantial benefit for our customers, as it leads to reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs over the product’s lifespan”, explains Dr. Tommi Hakulinen, Product Manager at Modulight Corp.


DBR and VECSEL Technologies for Quantum Computing

The ML6600 platform now enables integrating new DBR and VECSEL laser cores, bringing new solutions for Quantum Computing market. ML6600 provides optics and  low-noise electronics that enable laser performance, meeting the demanding Quantum technology requirements. The ML6600 platform can be fully tailored to customers’ needs for system integration.

The DBR laser cores utilize Modulight’s Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) single-frequency laser diodes in 760 nm (Yb F repump), 780 nm (Rb D2 line), 795 nm (Rb D1 line), and 935 nm (Yb D repump). DBR laser diodes naturally have a narrow 400–800 kHz linewidth and hundreds of milliwatts output power, which can be further scaled up by Tapered Amplifier to Watt-level. Long-term reliability is achieved via careful selection of semiconductor materials, strict control of the Modulight’s in-house manufacturing process and advanced facet coating/passivation technologies.

Modulight’s in-house VECSEL technology integration into ML6600 laser cores is enabling Barium trapped ion applications at wavelengths 493 nm, 532 nm and 553 nm. These lasers feature <100 kHz linewidth, Watt-level output, and excellent beam quality, all of which are critical factors in Quantum applications. With the advantage of fully tailorable ML6600 platform, the integration and total match to the application requirements are ensured.

In addition to the VECSEL and DBR lasers, ML6600 platform supports also other diode-based lasers, as well as DPSSLs and fiber lasers.

We look forward to showcasing our broad range of products, including ML6600 platform at Photonics West 2024 in San Francisco, Jan. 30 to Feb. 1, Booth #1267.

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