Modulight introduces 1470 nm high power lasers

Tampere, Finland & San Jose, CA, Aug 28th 2008 – Modulight, Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance optical semiconductor components, today announced the arrival of the newest member of the RangerLase product family: the high-power 1470 nm laser, with single-emitter and an industry standard 19-emitter bar options. The product code for the single-emitter is ML1802 and for the 19-emitter bar ML1789.

These lasers emitting at 1470 nm are mainly targeted to industrial and medical applications, like soft materials processing, plastic welding, fiber amplifier pumping and medical applications, such as vein surgery. Designed for continuous-wave operation, the ML1789 laser bar provides an output power of 15 W whereas the single-emitter ML1802 reaches 600 mW power level. As an option, the introduced products are offered from chip level to packaged and fiber coupled lasers as any other Modulight products.

“This product complements nicely our established RangerLase product family offering long-wavelength high-power laser solutions to wide range of applications from defense and security to medical and industrial fields. As a leading company in this domain we have been frequently requested a product at this interesting wavelength window and are now happy to introduce this to our existing customer base and also the new ones”, says Ulla Haapanen, Product Manager of Modulight.

For more information about the RangerLase family and its members, visit Modulight’s website at or contact our sales team directly at

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Modulight, Inc. provides value-added solutions to optical applications for industrial, communication, medical, space, and defense industries. Modulight products include various types of lasers from visible to infrared wavelengths with output power levels from milliwats to over hundreds of watts. Modulight provides also laser solutions from design and manufacturing of laser diodes to OEM-based optical sub-systems and turnkey laser systems. Modulight owns and operates a semiconductor fab in Tampere, Finland and has fully owned subsidiary Modulight USA located in San Jose, California.

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