Modulight’s RangerLase provides up to 20 W laser power at 1550 nm

Tampere, Finland, March 6th, 2008– Well in line with the spring upbeat, Modulight is pleased to announce the arrival of its newest product family, the RangerLase. Encompassing lasers operating in the 1530-1570 nm band, the RangerLase family capitalizes on Modulight’s years of expertise and development in infrared lasers. With output powers between 100 mW and 20 W and a broad selection of packages, the RangerLase family targets applications in need of medium or high-power infrared beams, such as point-to-point communications, laser range finding, and illumination.

The RangerLase family members come in various shapes and packages, to suit a wide variety of pulsed and continuous wave applications in eye-safe spectral region. The key products of the RangerLase family are:

  • Laser bar. Producing up to 20 W of output power and available as unmounted, CS-mounted, or pigtailed package, the laser bar is the workhorse of high power applications;
  • Multimode laser emitter. Delivering up to 1 W of continuous and 4.5 W pulsed power, the laser chip is the ideal compact source of high power infrared light for free-space applications. Available as unmounted chip, mounted chip, or 9-mm TO-can;
  • Single-mode laser emitter. Offering 80 mW of continuous light in a single-mode beam, this product is the tool for applications requiring medium level power in a small spot or a high-quality beam. Available as unmounted chip, mounted chip, or 9-mm TO-can.

For more information about the RangerLase family and its members, visit Modulight’s website at or contact our sales team directly at

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