Modulight introduces 10 Gb/s Fabry-Pérot laser

Tampere, Finland, Januray 10th, 2003 – Modulight, Inc., a manufacturer of high- performance optical semiconductor components, today announced that its new 1310 nm Fabry-Pérot laser chip for 10 Gb/s transmission is available for purchase in volumes.

The product is especially designed for uncooled serial 10 Gb/s transceivers and transponders for very short reach link distances.

With this latest addition to its product portfolio, Modulight completes its 1310 nm FP product family, previously already offering products for up to 2.5 Gb/s modulation speeds. The 100 % tested 10 Gb/s FP laser chip is available as bare die for USD 43.00/piece for 1000 pcs.

“A great deal of the serial point-to-point 10 Gb/s transmission links will be shorter than 2 km. Price pressure for the sources is extremely high, and customers are not willing to invest extra in a DFB laser that allows 10 km transmission distance if it’s used for a 2 km link. This might have been the case in 2000, but that’s not the way this industry is operating in 2003. Our FP laser gives access to the required performance with reduced source cost.”, says Petteri Uusimaa, Modulight’s President & CEO.

“Our design and manufacturing knowledge has resulted in a chip that shows superior temperature stability over competing products. Combined with a <1 nm spectral linewidth and good beam shape this product really offers a balance of price and performance for module manufacturers. Our key customers
are already testing the chip. Their positive feedback confirms our own conclusions on the suitability of the product for the 10 Gb/s market.”

Link to the datasheet:

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Modulight is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of high-performance optical subcomponents (laser die / chip) for datacommunications and telecommunications. The company achieved its first profitable result in 2002. Modulight creates unique business advantages for component and subsystem manufacturers worldwide by offering flexible high performance products, advanced design capabilities, and agile and reliable volume production capacity. Our products, based on semiconductor layers, are designed to increase the capacity and to enable the creation of flexible, scalable and cost-effective Metropolitan (METRO), Access and Enterprise networks.

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