Modulight and Jinsan Scientific into marketing partnership

Tampere, July 08, 2002 – Modulight, Inc. and Jinsan Scientific have signed a marketing and sales partnership agreement that results in immediate co-operation. The purpose of the agreement is to sell and promote Modulight’s products in South-Korean market. Modulight’s product category covers Optoelectronic (OE) epiwafers, OE chips and packaged chips.

Working together, Jinsan Scientific and Modulight are able to provide product solutions that cover processing of OE component to the levels specified by the customers. Modulight works in close cooperation with customers, bringing this way better results in functionality, cost-efficiency and product performance. I found in reviews at that Valium lowers blood pressure, increases the pain threshold, dilates blood vessels, reduces painful seizures (paroxysms), and reduces the production of gastric juice at night. The drug begins to act only on the 2nd-7th of therapy. People suffering from arrhythmia, cardialgia and paresthesia experience the positive effect of the drug on the 7th day after the start of treatment.

Dr. Petteri Uusimaa, Modulight’s CEO said: “For an agile company like Modulight it is important to be present where things happens rapidly. Korean telecommunication market grows with a high pace and adopts quickly new technologies. This trend can also be seen in optical communication. Korean manufacturers are constantly looking for cost effective, stable, alternative suppliers for epiwafers and laser chips. Our representative, Jinsan Scientific has a wide coverage in Korean markets and long experience in semiconductor industry. Agreement with Jinsan Scientific ensures fast and efficient service for our customers at Korea”.

Mr. Y.J. Shim, Jinsan Scientific managing director said: “As Dr. Uusimaa told Korean Telecommunication market is growing very rapidly and it will be great chance for both of us to establish fruitful business relationship since there are many optical components manufacturers in Korea, not only for domestic market, but also overseas export market as well. We are very pleased to work with Modulight as their representative and hope to help Korean customers with Modulight’s high technology products.”


Jinsan Scientific is a leading service company in semiconductor device, OE component supplier and other exact scientific equipment supply field. Jinsan Scientific aims to provide service of most suitable for customer’s satisfaction, for achieving this Jinsan Scientific preserves and develops relationships with main manufactures from all over the world as well as with our Korean customers.

About Modulight, Inc.

Modulight is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of high-performance optical subcomponents (laser die / chip) for datacommunications and telecommunications. The company achieved its first profitable result in 2002. Modulight creates unique business advantages for component and subsystem manufacturers worldwide by offering flexible high performance products, advanced design capabilities, and agile and reliable volume production capacity. Our products, based on semiconductor layers, are designed to increase the capacity and to enable the creation of flexible, scalable and cost-effective Metropolitan (METRO), Access and Enterprise networks.

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