Virus-like particle-drug conjugates induce protective, long-lasting adaptive anti-tumor immunity in the absence of specifically targeted tumor antigens

Published in: Cancer Immunology Research

Authors: Rhonda C Kines, Cynthia D Thompson, Sean Spring, Zhenyu Li, Elisabet de los Pinos, Stephen Monks, John T Schiller


This study examined the ability of a papillomavirus-like particle drug-conjugate (AU-011) to eradicate subcutaneous tumors after intravenous injection and to subsequently elicit long-term anti-tumor immunity in the TC-1 syngeneic murine tumor model. Also the combination of AU-011 with immune checkpoint inhibitor antibodies (anti-CTLA-4 or anti-PD-1) was studied and improved therapeutic efficacy. Modulight laser + MLAKIT was used only for in vitro work, which showed that cell killing was pro-immunogenic in nature, resulting in the release of DAMPs.


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