Ophthalmic laser platform utilizing AI to enhance treatment planning of liposomal drug release

Presented in: SPIE BIOS 2022

Authors: Eero Koivumäki, Laura Vesala, Jukka-Pekka Alanko, Timo Tanila, Petteri Uusimaa, Modulight Corporation (Finland)


Delivery of pharmaceuticals to the eye posterior poses a major challenge in ophthalmology. A promising drug delivery platform is indocyanine green (ICG) liposomes, which absorb near-infrared light resulting in a release of pharmaceutical molecules. The Modulight ophthalmic laser platform has been designed for treatments targeting the eye posterior and can also excite the absorption band of the liposomes. The laser connects with Modulight Cloud, enabling artificial intelligence (AI) based treatment planning by correlating the treatment parameters and success, which could increase the efficacy of future treatments. The same algorithms could deduce which treatment parameters work with which liposomal delivery parameters.


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