Narrow linewidth VECSELs for Ba+ cooling at 493 nm

Published in: LASE SPIE 2024

Authors: Kostiantyn Nechay, Andreas Schramm, Mika Mähönen, Soile Talmila, Jussi Hämelahti, Pekko Sipilä, Kalle Palomäki, Petteri Uusimaa

Quantum information processing based on trapped ion technology is one of the leading platforms, heavily relying on a set of single-frequency lasers in its core operations. Narrow linewidth lasers perform atom photoionization, cooling, state-preparation and read-out. In this work we demonstrate in-house designed and fabricated optically pumped semiconductor laser gain mirror comprised of InGaAs quantum wells and GaAs/AlAs distributed Bragg reflector. We demonstrate in-house designed and fabricated single-frequency laser operating at 493 nm for Ba+ cooling. Inherent power scaling potential, efficient intracavity frequency conversion, coupled with sub-MHz linewidth and wide gain tuneability make VECSELs advantageous semiconductor laser platform for various quantum technology applications.


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