Immune checkpoint inhibition combined with targeted therapy using a novel virus‑like drug conjugate induces complete responses in a murine model of local and distant tumors

Published in: Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy

Authors: Ruben V. Huis in ‘t Veld, Sen Ma, Rhonda C. Kines, Anneli Savinainen, Cadmus Rich, Ferry Ossendorp, Martine J. Jager


AU-011 combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) was studied in murine models. This has potential to improve treatment efficacy against metastatic tumors by abscopal immune effects. ICI was shown to increase AU-011 efficacy and also result in abscopal effect and induced complete responses in 75% of animals. ML6700 was used as illumination source for PDT.

Metastases remain the leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide. Therefore, improving the treatment efficacy against such tumors is essential to enhance patient survival. AU-011 (belzupacap sarotalocan) is a new virus-like drug conjugate which is currently in clinical development for the treatment of small choroidal melanoma and high-risk indeterminate lesions in the eye. Upon light activation, AU-011 induces rapid necrotic cell death which is pro-inflammatory and pro-immunogenic, resulting in an anti-tumor immune response.


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