High-power VECSEL with intracavity UV generation for flow cytometry applications

Published in: SPIE BIOS 2024

Authors: Kostiantyn Nechay, Robert Perttilä, Anna Essaulova, Petteri Uusimaa

Flow cytometry is a powerful tool allowing to perform high-dimensional cell analysis which relies on a set of lasers for fluorochrome excitation. Typical flow cytometer employs excitation laser sources at violet, green, green-yellow and red wavelengths, with an extension to UV and DUV spectral bands in order to increase the number of cell characteristics. UV laser source constitutes the single most expensive component of flow cytometers. In this work we present intracavity UV cascade generation from optically-pumped vertically-external-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VECSELs). Such semiconductor laser platform delivers high-power, low noise UV emission with excellent beam quality, centered around 350 nm, and serves as cost-effective replacement of UV 355 nm DPSSLs.


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