High brightness long lifetime 650nm single-mode laser diodes and arrays for display, printing, and quantum applications

Published in: LASE SPIE 2024

Authors: Riina Ulkuniemi, Andreas Schramm, Ville Vilokkinen, Jari Nikkinen, Petteri Uusimaa

Individually addressable laser diode arrays (IAB) have been first demonstrated in near-infrared wavelengths, 8xx nm and 9xx nm, being mostly utilized in the digital printing industry. When moving towards visible wavelengths, other applications emerge. Examples of these are various display applications, including AR/VR products and head-up-displays. In addition, novel applications for narrow linewidth lasers have emerged in the field of quantum computing. In this paper, we present our latest single-mode visible array results in 650 nm region, showing up to three times improvement in brightness. In addition, we demonstrate faster stabilization of the device during life-test and reach stabler operating power of the devices. Life-tests have been run with Automatic Current Control (ACC) mode with two different operating currents, showing only minor change in output power. High stability and reliable operation combined with our IAB design are enablers for further miniaturization of device design, scalable to 100 emitters and beyond, reaching e.g. higher resolution for printing and display applications. Additionally, such design and scalability can be integrated with on-chip gratings reaching DBR and DFB operation, which enables new capabilities in quantum applications.


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