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Modulight newsletter 2/2020

Join us at Modulight LIVE 2020
Modulight LIVE - virtual exhibition series
We are continuing Modulight's own interactive, virtual meeting series, Modulight LIVE! They are two-day events that are timed so that everybody can visit when it's convenient. Sign up here to receive an Zoom invitation to attend at your convenience.

Modulight LIVEs include short chats led by our engineers, product demos, and virtual factory tours. You can meet and chat with our live laser team, consisting of technical experts, sales and marketing staff. Confidential topics can be discussed one-on-one in breakout rooms with the decision-makers. If you would like to make sure that the person you wish to meet is available, just let us know and we’ll schedule a meeting beforehand.

Modulight LIVE dates:
October 7–8, 2020: Medical Lasers and Services
October 28–29, 2020: Diode Lasers and Semiconductor Fab
November 25–26, 2020: Lasers for In-vitro and In-vivo
December 16–17, 2020: Pump Lasers

All Modulight LIVEs open at:
Pacific Time 5am – 12pm
Central Time 7am – 2pm
Eastern Time 8am – 3pm
Europe 14:00–21:00

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October 7–8, 2020 – Modulight LIVE: Medical Lasers and Services
Glioblastoma laser treatments / ophthalmic PDT lasers / ML7710: the modern medical laser platform / Services / Fab tours
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October 28–29, 2020 – Modulight LIVE: Diode Lasers and Semiconductor Fab
Diode lasers processing technology / We design and manufacture lasers to fit the application, not the other way around / Fab tours
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November 24–25, 2020 – Modulight LIVE: Lasers for In-vitro and In-vivo
Laser illumination solutions / Automatic illumination for microplate samples / Easier in-vivo illumination
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December 16–17, 2020 – Modulight LIVE: Pump Lasers
Modulight’s laser solutions for fiber laser manufacturers / pump lasers in 915 nm, 940 nm, 976 nm / Modulight roadmap of 8xx/9xx nm lasers
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