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Modulight newsletter 2/2018

Modulight 18 years in business – email us for advanced laser development
Modulight's 18th birthday celebrations Today we are #KillingCancer #LIDAR #OTDR #Optogenetics #FluoresenceOfBiomarkers #Biomedical #in-vitro, and many more. We are the laser expert in your team. We’re helping people with their “crazy new ideas”, doing productization, manufacturing number of subassemblies in regular production for other people as well as working to support end of life as equally important phase in the life cycle of a medical product. I would really like to hear about what we can do to help your team!

Medical device production, prototyping, clinical trials and life cycle management
Medical device prototyping, production and clinical trials Besides our medical products which make up about ⅔ of our business but we’re extensively engaged in number of other applications too. The strategic logic being that while medical laser manufacturing requires limited amount of fab time – having your own fab and really making lasers is essential in guaranteeing support for the whole life cycle of the drug. Thus we’re working with many interesting customers and growing the laser chip business actually very fast. These include #PumpLasers #OTDR #LIDAR #Datacenter and number of other areas where high expertise and long-term supply is key. Our 200+ years of engineering experience in designing & manufacturing lasers has made us a long-term strategic partner for many companies for the laser chip needs. Talk to us if you wanna know more!

Reliable long term supplier with proven production and quality system
Modulight makes lasers for Life Sciences & custom and industrial applications Regarding the “boring stuff" - regulatory & quality – we’re actually quite excited about it. This is probably the reason we’re the first company to build fiber-optic network inside a satellite as well as why our team is so many times a team of choice in medical. Traceability, manufacturing experience and good documentation is essential in all product making. We’re helping our customers a lot, whether it’s stuff for FDA, ISO 13485/16949/14001, third party audit or verification and validation. Quite recently we were also called to advise one of the largest suppliers of high-voltage power grid networks with their systems on the field. While consulting is not a business for us – we’re always trying to find truly the best solution for the customer to make their product as awesome as possible.
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